Parking for free, too costly?

By Ben French

The price of parking in student lots has risen throughout the
years and students have avoided costs by parking off campus, which
incurs a risk to safety in light of the recent sexual assault.

The dark roads around campus can be seen as opportune places for
criminals to wait for victims undetected. Despite this, cars can be
seen back-to-back on either side of the street.

Arthur Taclas, a fifth-year construction engineering student,
has parked on South Campus Drive for the past two years and has
never seen a police car at night.

“It’s been two years and so far I haven’t seen one,” said
Taclas. “I just see a lot of students. I don’t really see anybody

Taclas, like most students, is also concerned with cost. He
parks far away from the main campus because there is nowhere closer
that he can leave his car without being fined.

“It’s just too expensive,” said Taclas. “The price is too high
and sometimes I don’t stay up late so it’s exercise.

Taclas, despite his decision to park on South Campus Drive,
feels unsafe at night and tries to get someone to drop him off at
his car when he can.

“It’s probably not safe,” said Taclas. “I don’t think it’s safe
at all but I have no choice. In a rating of one, not safe, and 10
safe, it’s probably a four. I [get a ride] as much as I can ”
probably two or three times a week.”

Jessica Hansburger, a fourth-year agriculture science student,
is concerned for her safety and cannot imagine parking anywhere

“I heard there are some people at the village who won’t pay the
money for financial reasons,” Hansburger said. “I’d rather put up
the $90 than have something stolen from my car or have it

Beyond parking, parts of campus like the Sheep and Swine Unit
have little surveillance and only in recent years, have been

“I had a late class and walked from somewhere up campus down
there,” said Hansburger. “There were no lights then and no drop off
point there for the buses. I always made sure I was on the phone
with someone from the unit, making sure they knew where I was.”

Bruce Wilson, lieutenant of University Police, while
knowledgeable of the dangers of walking off campus at night, said
he must follow campus policy and cannot always give help where it
is needed.

“We don’t give escorts off campus for several reasons,” said
Wilson “If you look at [South Campus Drive], there’s no sidewalks;
the street’s busy, traffic is high and the speed limit’s high;
there’s no place to park and let people out safely. You incur
liability for doing things like that.”

From a safety point of view, Wilson and other university police
officers encourage parking on campus if possible.

“It’s more prudent that they park on campus where they have
sidewalks, designated parking lots, lighting and visible patrol by
parking and police officers,” Wilson said. “There are a lot of
benefits to parking on campus that they don’t get out there.”

Most of what university police can investigate is determined by
the boundaries between the jurisdictions of the campus, City of
Pomona and Los Angeles County at large.

“We have a mild jurisdiction outside the campus for
enforcement,” said Wilson. “However when it falls within the
geographical boundaries of other law enforcement agencies that
neighbor us, they usually handle any kind of investigation.”

Students without options must rely on Cal Poly Pomona to change
how they monitor the roads in between its facilities and changes to
the roads themselves.

“Maybe they should put some lights up,” said Taclas. “It would
be helpful to put lights out here, or maybe just some cops

Parking for free, too costly?

Aaron Bagamaspad / The Poly Post

Parking for free, too costly?

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