McRib, not a tasty alternative to voting

By Marcelo Villa

The McRib is Back.

After nearly a year of waiting, it’s finally back. Nov. 2, marks
the long- awaited return of a popular culture icon ” the McRib.

The sandwich’s return coincidentally takes place on the same day
as the general election.

On a day when all Americans should be at the polls exercising
their constitutional right to vote, many will almost certainly be
found at the nearest McDonald’s chomping on a McRib.

Voting representatives into congress who will aid in the
management of our country is of much more importance than the
return of a sandwich made from ground-up pork slathered in barbecue

With the McRib frequently vanishing from McDonald’s menus, one
particular website is dedicated to the location of the sandwich
worldwide. uses Google Map’s software to track sightings of
the sandwich and inform people of its location.

“The McRib Cult” consists of a mass of followers who literally
worship the sandwich and track its every move.

The McRib even has its own Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia

Followers of the McRib chase down the sandwich not only for its
delicious sweet meat but also for the satisfaction of obtaining
something that disappears so frequently.

What does this obsession with the McRib say about our

It portrays us as ignorant to the important issues surrounding
us. We should be more focused on matters that affect our way of
life. The November elections will decide which candidates take
their place in our nation’s government and help solve our country’s

With California’s budget facing an estimated $26.3 billion
deficit, the gubernatorial election is especially important this

One area heavily affected by deficit is the budget for public

College students all over California are struggling to continue
their schooling, but budget cuts and a 5 percent increase in fees
are not making things any easier.

Some students are being forced to either delay or completely
cancel their hope of obtaining a college degree.

Our society is so heavily focused on matters dealing with pop
culture that we tend to look past the issues affecting us the

The return of the McRib is but one example of the many
obsessions our culture is concerned with than more important, more
socially-relevant issues.

When there is a sandwich with a fanatical cult following, it
usually does not portray a society in the highest regards.

This particular situation shows that Californians care more
about an imitation rib sandwich than carefully electing leaders
that will affect daily life.

The point to remember here is to place issues with importance at
the top of the list.

Our culture should be noted for our attention to nationwide
issues and participation in solving those concerns.

The election will be held on Nov. 2, now is as good a time as
ever to get involved.

Fear not, McRibs will still be readily available after you cast
your vote.

McRib, not a tasty alternative to voting

Illustration by Aaron Castrejon

McRib, not a tasty alternative to voting

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