Exercise class kicks speed up to turbo

By Amy Navas

Jabs, uppercuts, front kicks and back kicks all spell out a
vigorous night for the students taking Cal Poly Pomona’s Turbo
Kickboxing class.

The group exercise class, offered through the Bronco Fitness
Center, is a blend of martial arts kicking, punching techniques and
aerobic steps choreographed to the latest dance music. The one-hour
class is offered Mondays at 6:30 p.m. and Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

The class is taught in front of a giant mirror, where students
follow their instructor as she punches and kicks with precision and

First-time students should be prepared to feel
uncoordinated, as they will watch themselves fumble through the
first exercise sequences. The key is to persevere.

“You should expect to laugh at yourself and expect to sweat
a lot,” said Instructor Lisa Dye.

After the first few missteps, the routines become familiar and
the real workout begins. On average a person will burn anywhere
from 400 to 1,000 calories during the one hour-class.

Turbo Kickboxing has proven to be a success at Cal Poly

Last year’s students enjoyed the weekly workout so much that it
left them asking for more. After having the class offered only once
a week in winter 2010, students banded together to petition for
another session.

“It used to be once a week, [but] the students petitioned and
got me here twice a week,” said Dye.

Week-to-week participants return to the workout. Dye credits the
versatility and originality of the class for their return.

“I think it’s the music, the intensity and that it is constantly
changing,” Dye said. “I guarantee if we did the same thing every
day, you wouldn’t come back.”

The after effect can be a sneaky one. While most students said
they felt great right after their workout, the intensity of the
exercises can leave your muscles feeling quite tender.

“I feel good,” said Davinah Simmons, a coordinator at the
University Village, “You get sore though about an hour later.”

For Heather Godinho, a fifth-year business administration
student, the weekly workouts have rendered positive results.

“I’ve slimmed down because it works my whole body,” Godinho

For others, it’s the instructor who makes the difference.
Dye seems to encapsulate everything the students are looking

“She’s really motivating,” said Michelle Romero, a Cal Poly
Pomona alumnus.

What seems to attract Cal Poly Pomona students the most is
the affordability of the class. They can get the same workout as
they would in local gyms at only a fraction of the cost.

A membership for students at the Bronco Fitness Center is $15
per month, while local gyms can run up to at least double.

For example, the lowest price package offered at the local 24
Hour Fitness located on Valley Boulevard., costs $31.99.

“It is very affordable for students,” said Abi Trejo, a
fifth-year international business student.

For the students in search of an exciting workout, the
Turbo Kickboxing class will be the answer.

“I think you are going to have an expectation, and you will
surpass it,” said Dye.

Exercise class kicks speed up to turbo

Amanda Newfield / The Poly Post

Exercise class kicks speed up to turbo

Exercise class kicks speed up to turbo

Amanda Newfield / The Poly Post

Exercise class kicks speed up to turbo

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