Are more resignations in Bronco sports imminent?

By Erik Carr

In last week’s issue, it was reported that both women’s
basketball head coach Scott Davis and Sports Information Director
Mark Reinhiller resigned and baseball head coach Mike Ashman

Three departures in four months from the Athletic Department
may be cause for concern. Is the given reason behind each
resignation the real one or are the reasons behind the resignations
the result of other circumstances?

In order to look forward into the matter, we need to look back
at the given reasons behind each resignation.

While Davis’ resignation was a shock to us all in the wake of
the women’s basketball team’s best season in several years, his
second child was born just two months earlier.

In addition, the relocation to Novato, where Davis grew up, was
said to be for the purpose of being closer to his family.

Because of these reasons, the idea that Davis resigned because
of salary or any other reason seems baseless. Davis’ second child
was born, and staying consistent with what he instilled in his
players, he put his family first by moving it closer to the rest of
his family.

Last month, Reinhiller resigned after three years at Cal Poly
Pomona. Reinhiller said he was offered a position at Cal State San
Bernardino and accepted it.

Reinhiller, who is the Associate Athletics Director/Media
Relations at Cal State San Bernardino, said the commute from his
place in Beaumont to Cal State San Bernardino is “half” the
distance of that to Cal Poly Pomona.

Although it is not known whether Reinhiller’s new position
resulted in a pay increase or decrease, the relative proximity to
home his new position brings him should be a legitimate enough
reason to make the presumption that Reinhiller’s resignation was
not the result of budget cuts.

A month before Reinhiller’s resignation, Ashman retired after 15
seasons as head coach of the baseball team. Like Reinhiller, he
accepted a job offer which brought him closer to his home, the
Director of Baseball position at EM Speed and Power Training’s
newest location in Rancho Cucamonga.

Even though he said he could not see himself being a coach for
the next 10 or so years, the fact that Ashman retired after a
losing season raises the idea that the word “retired,” is another
word for “fired.”

I do not believe this to be the case.

While the baseball team’s 2010 season did not meet expectations,
the team was plagued by injuries to senior infielder Nick Tanos,
junior catcher Michael Neff and sophomore pitcher Kevin Bosson, who
were all key to the team’s success.

Prior to the 22-2 loss against Chico State on March 5, in which
both Tanos and Bosson sustained season-ending injuries, the Broncos
were 11-6.

From that game through the March 21st doubleheader against Grand
Canyon University, which represented Neff’s last two games before
his injury, the Broncos went 6-6.

Upon Neff’s injury, however, the team went 9-15 and ended the
season with a 26-27 record. On top of that, the baseball team
fielded 12 seniors, and as such, those players will not be
returning next season due to NCAA rules.

I believe the baseball team’s sudden collapse was due to
injuries and not coaching, and therefore, Ashman did indeed

So, did Ashman, Davis and Reinhiller leave Cal Poly Pomona
because of reasons other than those given? My answer to that
question is “no.”

As a result, these resignations should not be looked at as just
the beginning of a fallout from the budget crisis.

Instead, these men should be admired for accepting jobs that
brought them closer to home.

Women of Winter

Erik Carr, Sports Editor / The Poly Post

Women of Winter

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