Unique electives help fills schedules

By Cecily Arambula

Now that Cal Poly’s first week of school is underway, many
students are hustling to meet the Sept. 29 enrollment deadline.

Here are a few interesting elective options that may be helpful
to those finding it increasingly difficult to meet the 12 unit
requirement to be considered a full time student.

Although many students would never pick history as a first
choice elective, Dr. Peg Lamphier, through her unorthodox teaching
methods, has found a way to make her courses quite popular among
Cal Poly students.

“Some may consider her class biased or partisan, but it is
simply hard stone cold facts presented to you through her wit and
humor,” said third-year history student Carlos Ayala, of Lamphier’s
United States History course.

Another class students know little about is Dr. Len Troncale’s
Biology of Cancer course.

In this course, Troncale emphasizes the importance of becoming
more knowledgeable about cancer, a disease that will affect one in
three women and one in two men at some point in their life.

“The course blends both practical and fundamental knowledge,”
said Troncale, “yet lectures are aimed as much as possible at
general audiences. After all, we are trying to help the average
person/family deal better with this issue.”

Avo Garabedian, a second-year business student, realizes the
importance of Troncale’s cancer course after his grandfather lost
his battle against cancer earlier this year. “It really opens your
eyes to the possibilities of others having it, and I think the more
you know, the more you’re aware and realize the significance of the

Troncale’s Biology of Cancer course offers seven lectures given
by guest medical doctors from the City of Hope.

This course is also supplemented by a student club to help fight
against cancer.

The Theatre Department offers many elective courses for
students, but one noteworthy one is Technical Production II.

This course offers a hands-on experience, exploring elements of
make-up and costume construction in theatre production.

A third-year theatre student, Anthony Solorzano II says, “I
would definitely recommend this class. It is a great stress relief
when taking upper division classes or other hard GE classes you
have to take.”

Introduction to Film and American Culture is another great
theatre elective, which focuses on different perspectives of
American films.

James Valencia, a third-year engineering student, sums the
course up with, “The teacher was really energetic, people were
cool, and the movies were very interesting. It gave me a new
outlook on all film.”

For those students who are 21 and older, a class that may spark
some interest is Wine, Beer, and Spirits, taught by Dr. Margie

“I like to think that my class is a place to learn some science,
some history, some economics and a little culture,” said Jones.

Despite the small product fee requirement, Dr. Jones claims her
course is worth taking.

“Students begin to gain knowledgeabout products that could be
pursued the rest of their lives. We focus on how these products
are made, what products are common where and why and finish with
how to use this information to please others and to enjoy alcohol
appropriately in a professional environment.”

Some other interesting electives include World Dance and
Cultures, Guitar Class, Companion Animal Care, and Visual Arts.

Unique electives help fills schedules

Illustration by Pedro Corona / The Poly Post

Unique electives help fills schedules

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