Save a few bucks; take the bus

By Amanda Newfield

As editor in chief of this publication I would like to think of
myself as environmentally friendly, but considering my staff and I
produce 6,500 copies of this newspaper each week, I cannot claim to
be the biggest tree hugger.

In honor of Earth Day last week, I decided to try something

This week, my guilty conscience and keen sense of curiosity led
me to investigate the foreign world of riding the bus.

Learning to use public transportation is not on the average
persons top 10 list of things to do before they die.

But if the experience will save you a few bucks and save the
atmosphere from a few extra carbon emissions, then the trip it
worth trying.

A few Poly Post editors and I decided to take the bus and
venture out to hunt down and purchase a leopard print Snuggie for
one of our faithful Facebook friends.

We started at the bus stop on South Campus Drive and Temple and
took the 480 to West Covina Parkway. Total travel time for trip
took about one hour, including wait time.

During the trip, I realized riding the bus is underrated. When
else can you cruise the streets without needing to wear a seat

I never really paid much attention to the bus system around me,
other than when I needed to get around one so that I could get to
class on time.

Once the trip was over, I decided I should convince you that
riding the bus can be a fun and green experience.

Choosing to use public transportation will only cost you $1 for
the first ride of the day and 50 cents for any transfer to a new
bus after the initial ride.

It will provide the opportunity to do whatever your heart
desires, while someone else does the driving.

Taking the bus requires riders to budget extra time as the
transit only comes every half hour, but riders never have to worry
about fighting for parking spots at 9 in the morning.

If you’re anything like me, you might be hesitant to ride the

Although it is an unfamiliar experience, I suggest you take a
few friends along for the ride so you can feel more at ease.

Even if you choose to drive to school and only use the bus as an
in-between-classes way to get out of Cal Poly, the economically
convenient transporter is an option to consider.

Bus transit can also be utilized for students who reside on
campus and are car-less.

Either way, the option should be explored.

The first thing to remember when riding the bus is have dollar
bills and change with you or purchase a Foothill Transit Bus pass
at the Games Room located in the Bronco Student Center.

Second, know your route.

To plan out your trip, you can use a bus book, which can be
obtained at the Rideshare Office located in the Police and Parking
Services Building.

The website,, is another option for trip

For a simple trip from campus to the Eastland Center, located in
Covina, take the 480 to West Covina Parkway.

Or if Claremont is your destination of choice riders can take
the 480 to the Montclair transit center.

First time riders should remember, while on the bus don’t forget
to pull the yellow cord above your head when your stop is

The driver cannot read your mind and will not stop at the bus
stop if there are no other riders waiting to get on.

Third, stick with the Foothill Transit line (the blue ones),
which will provide you with more travel options within the San
Gabriel Valley.

Whether the experience is out of necessity or interest, riding
the bus is definitely an experience, one that should be

Reach Amanda Newfield at:

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