Report finds chronic boredom can lead to shorter lifespan

By Nazia Querashi

The next time you are bored, you might want to do find something
exciting to do. New research is saying that a person could be bored
to death, literally.

According to a report from the International Journal of
Epidemiology people who are often bored tend to die at a younger

The research by Annie Britton and Martin Shipley from University
College London does not suggest that boredom alone will kill a
person, but rather that it leads to a number of factors that can
cause an early death.

Researchers analyzed data from a questionnaire completed between
1985 and 1988 by more than 7,500 London civil servants from ages 35
to 55.

The civil servants were asked if they felt bored more in the
previous month and research found that participants that died by
2009 were those who reported being bored.

This result was linked to behaviors that evolve from boredom,
such as smoking, drinking, taking drugs or having psychological

Lisa Wood, a fourth-year psychology student, was not surprised
by the results of this study.

“It definitely makes sense, because I know when I am bored I
just start eating, even if I am not that hungry,” said Wood. “A lot
of people I know that are at an unhealthy weight just eat because
they are bored.”

Christopher Cannon, a spokesman for the American College of
Cardiology, said why boredom can be unhealthy.

“Someone who is bored may not be motivated to eat well, exercise
and have a heart-healthy lifestyle,” said Cannon. “That may make
them more likely to have a cardiovascular event. It is also
possible that when people are bored, dangerous hormones are
released in the bodies that stress the heart.”

Another direct correlation with boredom is depression. It has
been proven many times that a lonely person who is bored is more
likely to be depressed.

Depression has also been recognized as a risk factor for heart
disease. Jason Afuiny, a third-year computer engineering student,
is skeptical about the study.

“I think there are a lot more things around us that can lead to
heart disease and depression, but not everyone that is bored is
necessarily depressed,” said Afuiny. “Some people aren’t as active
as others, but I don’t think boredom is dangerous to the extent of

Although the study is still in its preliminary stages,
researchers are confident in the results and urge people to avoid
developing unhealthy habits, whether they are bored or not.

According to The London Health Journal, if bored, a person
should do more physical activities and embrace boredom as a time to
relax. This can eventually minimize the risk of depression or an
early death.

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Report finds chronic boredom can lead to shorter lifespan

Mitchell Saltzman/Poly Post

Report finds chronic boredom can lead to shorter lifespan

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