Ag council readies care packages for troops

By Christina Burd

They sleep in the dirt, spend months away from family and
friends, put their lives on the line for their county and its
people, and they do all of this without a complaint. They are the
military men and women of the United States.

The Agriculture Council found a way to give back to America’s
troops through Bronco Troop Support, a program in which students
put together care packages to send to the troops overseas.

At last Tuesday’s meeting, the Agriculture Council collected the
last of the care packages, bringing the total number to
approximately 80.

“We really wanted to reach out to the community and do something
” a little out of the ordinary,” said Tristian Monterastelli of
Agriculture Publicity, who initiated Bronco Troop Support.

Monterastelli came up with the idea of Bronco Troop Support
because she did it for a club in high school as well. She hopes
the Agriculture Council will do it next year for a longer period of

She went through, a Web site that has names of
soldiers to send care packages to. There are instructions on the
site for how to send a care package and what to include. Different
troops want and need different things, so they post lists of items
on the site.

“We have some people in our club who have relatives over there ”
we just try and support,” said Claire Uke, a second-year plant
science student.

The care packages will be sent to soldiers in all branches of
the military: Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard. Many
of the care packages will be going to soldiers stationed in
Afghanistan, but there will be some boxes going over to Kuwait and
Iraq as well.

“I support the troops, it’s hard for them being away from home
and family and friends,” said Esther Jimenez, a third-year animal
science student.

Robin Dick, a first-year agriculture science student, said it is
important to show the troops that we support them because they are
over there risking their lives to improve ours.

“I think it’s important just to show our support for them,” said
Marvin Seaman, Agriculture Council president. “Whether or not we
support the war, that’s irrelevant. We’re one country and we need
to come together and show that we support them as people,”

According to, not all of the soldiers overseas
receive care packages from family and friends. By sending a care
package, students can let a soldier know they are being thought of
and brighten their day.

Soldiers just enjoy seeing their name on a package or on
envelopes. It is not what is in the box that makes a difference; it
is that someone cared enough to take the time to send them

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Ag council readies care packages for troops

Courtesy of Agriculture Council

Ag council readies care packages for troops

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