Korean barbecue, a disappointing experience

By Sasha Ramazani

There are many hits and misses when it comes to getting a great
Korean barbecue meal.

At Sam Han’s Korean barbecue in Rowland Heights, the food was a
definite miss.

Sam Han was lacking in many areas such as the flavors of the
meats, and food’s freshness.

Additionally, Sam Han features the one thing I truly despise
when eating at a buffet: hardly any labels on the items

In a case where there was a label, for the so-called teriyaki
chicken, the label was incorrect, because there was no sauce to
accompany this chicken. The spicy-sauced pork, also called bulgogi,
was not even spicy.

The bulgogi beef, which I was expecting to be the most delicious
part of my meal, was a huge disappointment because even though the
meat was heavily marinated, the beef lacked the robust flavor of a
good quality marinade.

The squid was chewy and crunchy after cooked. The thinly sliced
beef brisket and tongue also lacked in flavor. The lamb, only
seasoned with salt and pepper, was edible and like most everything
else I tried, there was nothing really special about it and could
probably make better tasting marinated meats at home.

One thing that should be mentioned is this place received a B
rating from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, but
regardless of the rating, this place deserved a chance.

In my opinion, the rating was not based on the restaurant being
dirty, the cross-contaminating utensils with various meats or an
unusual appearance or smell of the meats.

All the items in the buffet looked untouched and like they had
been sitting there for a couple of hours. The fried rice was
sticky, but old. The steamed egg dish was OK, but cold.

Tempura battered green beans were available, but cold as well.
The only hot item in the buffet was the egg rolls, which were
actually crispy, flavorful and warm.

I give Sam Han two big thumbs down for their lack of fresh and
flavorful so-called Korean barbecue buffet.

Reach Sasha Ramazani at: lifestyle@thepolypost.com

Schedule comes in waves for Bronco fans

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Schedule comes in waves for Bronco fans

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