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By Amanda Newfield

Last week, Campus Crusade for Christ held an event boldly titled
‘Porn Nation,’ which addressed the repercussions of viewing

One theme of the event stated that viewing over-sexualized
material in the media and pornography stimulates the brain the same
way drugs do.

In this week’s, paper we are running the preview story for the
Vagina Monologues event put on by The Violence Prevention &
Women’s Resource Center.

The female genitalia, representing empowered womanhood, is the
show’s theme. The event will include many monologues focusing on
issues such as sex, love, rape, menstruation and masturbation.

This makes two issues of the Poly Post in a row covering
sex-related topics. I shouldn’t be surprised. Sex is omnipresent in
today’s society and Cal Poly’s campus is no exception.

Because we’ve had a recent surplus of information on the topic,
I thought it would be fitting this week to pose a rhetorical

Are you happy with the life you live? Whether you engage in
sexual activity or not, are you happy with the person you are

I believe this campus is providing you the opportunity to answer
these questions. My hope is you are paying attention.

A few weeks ago The Poly Post almost ran a story about monster
roommates, but was unable to, because most of the stories students
so willingly shared with us were horror sex stories too salacious
to print.

I would venture to guess that the Cal Poly dorms and suites are
not the only places where students are engaging in sexual

My guess is living the ‘college life’ gives students permission
to unapologetically sleep around.

However, promiscuity is not limited to our tiny corner of

Sex is a tactic used by the advertising industry to sell cars,
food and clothing. It’s also an activity individuals all over the
world casually engage in on their free time.

Even as someone who chooses to abstain from sexual actives, I
see, hear and sense the presence of sex around me all day long, in
the form of innuendos, the scandalously revealing clothing worn by
some women and even in the curriculum presented to me by my

As human beings, most of us were born with either male or female
genitals and the urges and desires that come along with those

But we are more than the sum of our sexual parts. Along with
those sex organs, we were given brains that give us the ability to
make sensible choices.

When we were infants, our parents made our decisions for us. Now
that we are adults, we are responsible for the decisions we make,
including choices about sex.

So I’m asking you to think about your choices. Are they making
you happy? If they aren’t, why not?

My words are just word son a page, but the decisions you make
will affect you for the rest of your life. I urge you to choose

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Schedule comes in waves for Bronco fans

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Schedule comes in waves for Bronco fans

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