I can talk just fine without opening my mouth

By Amanda Newfield

Though I am a student of the science of communication, I have
found that this art of conveying my thoughts to another human being
takes true skill and practice.

We all live in our own personal worlds inside our heads. These
are worlds filled with our own personal thoughts, some of which we
would like to share with others while some are not for sharing.

But communicating those thoughts is no easy task.

We live in a technological world where we put into words these
thoughts with clicks and taps via numerous electronic devices.

As I’m writing this column, I have also been updating my
Facebook status about the rainy car ride home, while chatting with
a friend from the other side of the United States.

We communicate in many ways, but is what we’re doing really
something we should consider communication?

Computer-mediated communication can be defined as the networking
between devices such as’ e-mail, instant messaging, social
networking sites and text messaging.

Some would wonder if our frantic clicking and typing is a true
form of the art that is having a conversation.

With computer-mediated communication, no actual spoken words are
exchanged, only text in the form of conversation.

I dare to argue that as a generation, equipped even as we come
out of the womb holding iPhones and laptops, we are using the tools
we have to communicate with the world around us and we are better
communicators because of it.

Some prefer to exchange words in person, and while I do enjoy
the way having a personal exchange of words can help us to connect
with one another in deeper ways, I thoroughly enjoy the convenience
of keeping in contact with others by using electronic devices.

There are necessary places, times and situations that require
in-person dialogue, such as relationship fights, specific
directions that need to be given, serious news and even

I do believe the best way to resolve disagreements is NOT via
text, but having the ability to send messages filled with words to
another person’s mobile device is an amazingly convenient way to
exchange a few words.

Overuse of those devices can also be detrimental to our
interpersonal skills.

A fair balance between the uses of devices, versus the use of
opening our mouths to trade words, can help this generation to
avoid dependence on electronic communication tools.’ ‘

In the end, face-to-face conversations are ideal for certain
situations, but embracing the use of computer-mediated
communication in our generation can allow for more communication
than other generations even dreamed of, thereby allowing us to
learn faster, and more than ever before.

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Schedule comes in waves for Bronco fans

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Schedule comes in waves for Bronco fans

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