Authentic Brazilian cuisine satisfies any carnivore’s cravings

By Sasha Ramazani

There is no need to travel thousands of miles to try South
Brazilian cuisine.

Located in West Covina, Green Field Churrascaria has endless
skewers of roasted meat, a wide array of salads, sliced vegetables
and other authentic Brazilian eats.

It is buffet style, but the entree is delivered to your

There is a two-sided knob, green on one side and red on the
other, on each table.

The green side indicates you are ready and willing to try the
freshly cooked meat, while the red side means you’re stuffed and to
just stick a fork in you while handing the check over.

I hit the cold buffet bar of the restaurant first to try the
various salads with cucumber and feta cheese, bow tie pasta with
pesto and sun-dried tomato, pasta salad with salami and a tomato
and olive side salad.

Marinated vegetables such as shiitake mushrooms and sliced bell
peppers were also on display.

The hot side of the bar included white rice, another type of
rice which included raisins, peas, carrots and onion, a black bean
stew, cheese bread, barbecued pork ribs, beef ribs with vegetables
and white fish in red sauce.

The ribs offered here were not juicy or comparable to
Southern-American cooking.

The only good combination of the above was the black bean stew
atop the white rice.

Sitting back down, the green-sided knob was up and the “meat
runners” began their proposals of meat.

The word churrasco in Portuguese means barbecue, therefore
churrascaria is the Portuguese term for a Brazilian steakhouse.

There are more than 15 barbecue selections to choose from: the
pork tenderloin, then beef tri-tip, skirt steak, bacon wrapped
turkey, chicken, pork, spare ribs, beef ribs, pork sausage,
barbecue pork and finally, the chicken hearts.

The most amazing meats offered here were the bacon wrapped
turkey, the pork sausage and the skirt steak. The turkey was so
moist, that a knife was not even needed to cut through the piece of

One of the things I was looking forward to was the sausage.

Not being a huge fan of spicy foods, this pork sausage was
bursting with flavors of spice, salt and seasonings which all made
for a perfect combination.

My favorite meat was the skirt steak. While I am a fan of my
steaks being cooked medium rare, this steak hit the spot. There was
not too much seasoning on this piece of meat, but the meat was very
tender and soft.

The meats I did not like were the barbecued pork, the lamb and
the brisket. All were either too dry, lacked flavor, or just did
not appease me.

The most disappointing meat was the chicken heart, which tasted
very gamey, chewy and unpleasant.

The nontraditional feasts of Brazil also made their way into the
hot side of the bar and included noodles in garlic oil, potato
wedges, onion rings, collared greens and chicken nuggets.

Nevertheless, they tasted decent, but added nothing special to
the experience.

The only dessert offered in the buffet was fried bananas, which
was an amazing way to end a meal.

The bananas were coated with sugar and cinnamon and fried to
perfection, leaving them still moist and in tact.

The buffet-style restaurant is fairly priced for the unlimited
amounts of food you can get.

The lunch price is $15.95 Monday through Friday while the dinner
is priced at $25.95.

After trying this Brazilian barbecue, you will leave as a full
and satisfied customer.

Reach Sasha Ramazani at:

RKR delivers lots of great food, service, scenery

RKR delivers lots of great food, service, scenery

Authentic Brazilian cuisine satisfies any carnivore

Sasha Ramazani/Poly Post

Authentic Brazilian cuisine satisfies any carnivore’s cravings

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