New twists on sweaters and boots

By Michaela Ard

The year 2009 has been an exciting fast-paced part of the new
millennium and has brought forth memorable trends that have greatly
affected mass fashion.

Here are the ups and downs of fashion this past year:

Fall 2009 was defined by punk inspired colors, and war-torn
detailing found in both militia-styled gear and tattered jeans.

The economic situation found in America has cast a gloomy spell
among its citizens, triggering dark colors to dominate designers’

Another fashion changing event was the sudden death of pop icon,
Michael Jackson.This tragedy brought forth a wave of military
styling, which, in a way, honored the memory of the king of pop who
frequently experimented with military-inspired garb.

Few people realize that many things around us influence fashion,
because clothing is connected to almost every single thing in

The economic turmoil has helped to inspire sleek, black leather
jackets and leggings to become fall 2009’s most popular trend.

Despite the somewhat somber appearances of the leather and black
trend, most women have found the look daring and fun, instead of
dismal and bleak.

Kimberly M. Johnson, a fifth-year apparel merchandising and
management student, “liked leather leggings, skirts, jackets and
bold black accessories; because [they] add edge to your style, but
you can pair it with something feminine, like a lace top or pearls
to soften it up.”

A more youthful trend worn in Fall 2009 was a look that Shakira
rocked during the 2009 Video Music Awards: the thigh-high boot.

Wearing boots over the knee is a sexy, yet sophisticated way to
dress up any ensemble; whether it be a skirt and dress combination,
or a casual top paired over skinny jeans.

Melissa Campos, a first-year AMM student, embraced a similar
look and explained that she “really enjoy[ed] this season’s skinny
bottoms and fuller tops, as well as colors, such as purple, silver
and blacks.”

Skinny jeans have been a runway staple for the past few seasons,
but this does not mean it is universally loved.

Krys Jackson, a fourth-year communication student, explained
that she “dislikes skinny jeans for the fact that they only appeal
to a very small range of body types, and do not flatter most

In fashion, women’s wear tends to cycle through trends and fads
quickly, whereas men’s styles remain classic and tailored.

Therefore, the trendy man of 2009 should search for a suit
containing a narrower waist, broader shoulders, and a slim

Like women’s styles, men’s outerwear was also inspired by
military uniforms, with detailing in the buttons and the angled cut
of the coat.

Not all trends brought suave and confidence; others fell more
into the category of sloppy and cheap.

Ripped stockings, transparent materials and shredded denims are
just a few examples of fall trends that will hopefully stay in the
past, alongside crocs and overalls.

An additional trend, which some may have also found less
appealing, was that of capes and cloaks which seemed to bring Harry
Potter to the mind.

More trends forecasted for the winter of 2010 include heavy
knitwear, in preparation for the cold ahead, and textured pieces
layered amongst each other.

Although experts are paid to forecast future styles and fads, it
is impossible to get it just right. Current events and unexpected
pop culture factors always play a part in altering fashion.

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New twists on sweaters and boots

Courtesy of Victoria?s Secret

New twists on sweaters and boots

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