Moving the relationship along

By Tobias Jahn



I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now.
The “should we move in together” talk has officially come to a

The topic has been brought up not because it’s the next step
in our relationship, but more for ease and convenience.

Hell, I’m there more than his roommate.

We’re both 22, he’s graduated, and I’ll be done in

Is it the right time in our lives to do this? And if so, are
we doing it for the right reasons?

-Move in Mayhem


Moving in is for sure the right “next step” for your

This way you to get to know each other even better and you guys
will find out if the relationship will work when you have to see
each other every day.

Twenty-two is the right age and after a year together, it is
normal for this to be the next phase of your relationship.

If you would continue the relationship without living together,
you would never find out how it is.

Then if you move in at a later point of the relationship, it
might be more difficult if it doesn’t work out to wake up to the
same face every morning.

Getting used to him drinking your coffee and using the same
bathroom to get ready, then having to see him during dinner might
make you less accepting and tolerant of the other flaws.

It might make you wish you moved in earlier in the relationship
when you still had the chance to work these little things out.

You will never know if the relationship will work if you don’t
move in together.

A relationship, and the “picture” of your partner, changes when
you are in a living situation together.

Before you move out, you should consider where you two live
right now.

If you still live at home and it’s your first move, you should
really think about whether or not it’s the right thing to do,
because if it doesn’t work out, who knows when you will move out
from home again.

However, if you both live away from home already, you’re doing
it for the right reasons. It is the best you two can do right now
to see where this relationship will end up.

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