Emotions and food go hand-in-hand

By Sasha Ramazani

There is more to food than just heating a pan, going to a
drive-thru or picking up the phone.

Food is a product that can turn any meal into the best or worst

Ever wonder why the food your mother made when you were a child
was so good?

It’s probably because she took the time and “made the food with

Cooking meals with a bad attitude never turns into a delicious
dining experience.

The negative vibration from your mood over-powers the brain, and
unconsciously makes the meal taste worse than if you were in a good

For some, cooking is a chore, while others feel cooking is an

Yes, it may take more than 20 minutes out of a busy day to make
the best three-course meal, but once the task is done and the
finish product is presented, all the hard work is usually worth

Eating a meal is more than just consuming the actual food.

Many people watch TV, read, or even worse, drive while they are

According to a study done by the Endocrine Society, TV makes
people eat more because it is distracting and this interrupts the
messages to your brain that you are full.

It also makes people less aware of what you are eating.

The process of eating adds fuel to the body. Depending on the
way you eat and how fast, the brain knows when enough is

What many do not realize or even comprehend because they are too
busy watching the tube or the road, is that the body knows it
should only eat half of the foot-long sandwich, but is too busy
paying attention to something else.

People do not realize food can be for comfort but can also cause
a great deal of harm to the body. With the endless possibilities of
all the processed foods we eat on a daily basis, it is no wonder
why we always feel tired, sluggish and weak.

People turn to food because it’s always around. No matter where
you go, there is always some kind of edible ingredient waiting to
be consumed.

During the winter, people tend to sit by a fire and eat. During
the summer, what would a pool party be without snacks?

When attending any type of party, don’t the appetizers and
cocktails define how much of a success the party was?

The main point is, everything we do revolves around food, but is
it up to each individual to realize how to deal with this?

Of course, there are tons of fad diets that revolve around
eating nothing but taking 12 pills a day to lose weight fast.

But really, how healthy is that?

Use a meal and the ingredients within to help build the
strength, muscles and nutrients needed in order to maintain a
balanced lifestyle.

This is easier said than done, especially for college students,
but just think about the long-term consequences that the daily
double bacon cheeseburgers, sodas, chips and candy does to the

Yes, its OK to splurge once in awhile, but just look at what
happened to Morgan Spurlock and his attempt to eat McDonald’s for
30 days straight.

He went from being physically above average to gaining more than
20 pounds, and ultimately causing irreversible damage to his

Take matters into your own hands to realize food can not only be
healthy, but taste good as well.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look up a recipe online,
or to even open a cookbook and plan a meal.

It does however take some time, knowledge and self-control to
realize that food can either be a best friend, or the worst

Reach Sasha Ramazani at: lifestyle@thepolypost.com

Schedule comes in waves for Bronco fans

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Schedule comes in waves for Bronco fans

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