By Lillian Hu

When I first read the article talking about how great and
passionate members of CAPS were, the first thing in my mind was
“Are you kidding me? This is complete BS.” But then I realized I
shouldn’t look at every person in a negative light just because of
my bad experience.After all, psychiatrists and psychologists are
humans too. Moreover, with a limited amount of staff, it can
definitely be hard to help everyone.Nevertheless, with that said, I
just want to say CAPS is not all it’s cracked up to be. It would
have been nice if the article also covered some of the negative
aspects. Every year, many students are assisted, however there are
countless more that fall through the cracks. This might not seem
like a big issue, but students are being turned away from getting
help.In my own personal experience, a certain individual at CAPS,
was the coldest person I’ve ever met at the time. While I might
not be completely right, in my perception, he did not care at all.
If he is unable to care and help for people, why go into this
profession? He wasted my time as well as his.For my first
appointment he was unclear about his intentions. I went back a
second time only to be denied help. According to him, they could
not help me, a.k.a. I was ‘too messed up’ for them to help. I
didn’t understand, and with my right as a student, I asked him what
the reason was.He could not give me a straight answer. Instead he
kept on patronizing me, speaking in the most condescending tones.
He did not care and just wanted to get rid of me as fast as
possible. He wanted me to get services outside of school. I had
transportation problems at the time and he simply stated “you could
learn to use the bus.” He almost seemed surprised that a person
with ‘problems’ actually tried questioning him. An unbelievably
arrogant and uncaring person – I find it hard to believe he still
works here. Maybe some of your doctors are the ones who need help.I
made it through that hard time in my life, barely. But how do they
know if they’re a good judge of character? How can they be so sure
that someone did not deserve help? Do they really have to wait
until it’s too late and then regret it?Overall, I want to say,
don’t be afraid to figure it out yourself. Meds and shrinks are not
the only way out. One of the most important things is to rely on
the self, and to be at peace with your own mind. However, don’t be
afraid to ask for help either. Know when you need help. If you have
a problem, acknowledge it and deal with it. We all go through ups
and downs, but we can make it through this. Never stop pursuing
your dreams and goals, big or little!

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