ASI promising to listen

By Sarah Elkeaikati

With budget cuts, tuition increases and the cancellation of
summer quarter, the new ASI cabinet has its work cut out for

ASI President Richard Liu and Vice President Chris Chen have had
to make several adjustments to this year’s agenda with the
financial curve balls they’ve been thrown.

While the rest of student body enjoyed the long summer break,
the ASI cabinet went straight to work.

Before the end of the spring quarter, Liu began reviewing
student government applications to fill open positions in ASI.

After the positions had been appointed, news of the cancellation
of summer courses reached ASI and the reality of the economic
downturn hit campus.

Liu and his colleagues immediately began drafting a packet of
new initiatives that would deal with the current issues facing the
student body.

According to Liu, a new system of outreach will be implemented
to help increase communication between the student body and its

The system will consist of three events: An input session, a
recruitment tour and an open forum.

It is hoped that these events will draw information from
students about concerns and challenges and relay them back to

To respond to and update students, ASI will utilize existing
outlets such as AS Inside and Bronco Bytes and also incorporate new
ones such as Facebook, YouTube and its own video blog.

Liu also plans to be more available to students by setting up
his desk in University Park during U-Hour Monday through Friday and
by conducting an on-stage update every Thursday before the U-Hour

This is intended to keep students up to date on ASI’s plans,
projects and upcoming events. ASI is also working on an efficiency
campaign designed to educate club leaders on money management and
how to resourcefully distribute club funds.

To help with financial issues facing students, especially after
the $1,000 tuition increase, Liu and his team will organize
fundraisers that will generate money for an ASI scholarship.

Though the cuts in state funding changed ASI’s agenda, previous
initiatives such as Bronco spirit, student life and a transparent
government, will not sit on the back burner.

“There are certain things that we proposed before that I
wouldn’t say have lost their priority but will be incorporated
differently,” said Chen.

The lecture series that was previously planned is still
scheduled and Chen hopes it will “promote thought and expand our
knowledge as well as enlighten others to do so.”

The series consists of faculty and staff members, who will be
asked to host a lecture as if it were their last on any topic.

By hosting the event in the BSC and inviting faculty and staff
speakers, ASI can strengthen the campus community and also save

“It’s going to be a tough year for him,” said President Michael
Ortiz. “When you eliminate 3,000 students, you eliminate the fees
for 3,000 students that would probably go to support his

Though both Liu and Chen are feeling the pressures of a
demanding student body and unexpected monetary cuts, they remain
confident about their future plans for communication, spirit and
community on campus.

Reach Sarah Elkeaikati at:

ASI promising to listen

Courtesy of B.E.S.T.

ASI promising to listen

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