Iron Man’ may disappoint Marvel fans with soft sequel

By Sable Stevens

The next two years are beginning to look like a time for the
films based on books ” and a time inspired by the comic books.
Marvel announced earlier this year that four new movies relating to
the comics are to be released in 2010 and 2011.

Many fans of 2008’s “Iron Man” are very aware of the upcoming
release of “Iron Man 2,” and its impressive cast. I already have
May 7, 2010 penciled and electronically entered into my many
calendars and schedules as a night to set aside for the “Iron Man
2” premiere.

Yet with recent developments with Marvel, I wonder if the
sensation that is Marvel Studios will not overstay its welcome and
push enthusiasts and admirers away.

It is all too common that a reoccurring plot or film series can
overplay or dwindle in value with the audience when usually they
are done in the first place to draw in audiences and make for a
smashing success at the box office.

A poll from friends proved that most ditched the “Saw” series
around the second installment.

And with the path the Spider-Man movies have taken, I hope
Marvel has learned one of the most important adages of our time:
more isn’t always better ” sometimes it’s just more.Still, my
instincts tell me Marvel might disappoint even those die-hard comic
fans, if the Disney merger hasn’t already done so.

According to Yahoo News, the Walt Disney Co., overseer of the
happiest place on earth and some of the most cheerful movies known
to man, bought Marvel Entertainment Inc. in a four billion dollar
stock deal.

And, to add to that newsflash, Columbia Pictures is developing
the next three “Spider-Man” sequels, starting with “Spider-Man 4”
set for release in May 2011. Three more Spider-Man’s to not look
forward to? I wonder what the Disney merger will do to Marvel’s
future projects.

Will Spider-Man ditch Mary Jane for a Disney Channel starlet who
must battle the She-Hulk for his attention in a fantastic new
spin-off trilogy? I also wonder if the upcoming “Iron Man 2,”
“Thor,” “Captain America,” and “Avengers” movies will have cameos
at the end but with a Disney character as the new addition to
Marvel movies to look forward to.

Disney did mention their acquiring Marvel was to reach a broader
male audience, since their dabbling in “Hannah Montana” movies and
“Jonas Brothers” phenomena has not settled well with the young male

Perhaps Disney has the right input in store for Marvel movies,
and will continue to entertain the masses as has been done since
before our time. These are just the random ponderings of my mind,
but it makes one wonder and hope for the best. After all, with
Marvel’s “Iron Man” hit, I hope the next two years of Marvel mania
are kept short and sweet.

I don’t need five Iron Man movies to find out if Tony Stark
grows a real heart and ditches the bimbos for Pepper; movie sequels
and trilogies are not meant to be soap operas that take a whole
season to get to the point.

Marvel and Disney should take a hint from Quentin Tarantino, and
make one big blockbuster, maybe even a double feature like
Grindhouse, and then disappear for a few years until the fans have
just about forgotten of their existence and then release a
masterpiece that has been in the works since the last film.

It works every time, because timing is everything.Hopefully the
next few years prove that Marvel has the right timing.

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Iron Man’ may disappoint Marvel fans with soft sequel

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