Till death do us part

By Amanda Newfield

I now pronounce you Paper and wife.

This new relationship I have with The Poly Post is a curious

It’s been less than a month and I have discovered I can do
nothing without thinking about my dearest Poly Post. Attached
doesn’t even begin to describe my affections.

I lose sleep at night because of my obsession with making this
publication the best it can be. I wake up and the first thing I
want to do is design my front-page layout. I’m definitely in

This relationship was not preconceived. I had no idea I was
going to care so much.

When I first stepped onto the campus of Cal Poly Pomona I was
lost and a little overwhelmed. I was a transfer student from Citrus
College and I, for the first time last fall, came face-to-face with
the quarter system.

Those first 10 weeks went by faster than the money in my
checking account disappears.It felt like a tornado hit my little
life and my GPA was the evidence.

I somehow got through the junior college system without having
to really study, but when I became a Bronco, I also became best
friends with my books and flashcards.

I was confused, I couldn’t decide between fine art and
journalism. I had a passion for both but time for only one.

After making some life decisions in the winter I built up the
courage to add the two-unit Newspaper writing class Com 351.

I had no idea what lay ahead.

Before I got involved with the Poly Post I went to class and
went home and that was it. I didn’t care about whether or not the
basketball team won or how intelligent our engineering students
were. I only read the paper because I called myself a journalism

I was a Bronco with no passion for her school and I was

When I first signed up to write for the Poly Post I did it
because I knew I loved writing at my previous school and I realized
I am passionate about delivering the news to my peers.

Deep down inside I wanted to care.

I did not know this desire would bring me here, to page 3 of the
Poly Post. I am now the Editor in Chief of this publication and it
is one of the most exciting times of my 23 years on this

My new favorite colors are green and gold. I love cheering for
the Cal Poly Broncos any chance I get.

I love being a student at Cal Poly Pomona. But I would have
never come to this point in my life if I had not decided to get

If this is your first or second year at Cal Poly, now is the
time to get engaged. Give your classes your all, and if you are
lucky enough to find that one thing that gets you up in the
morning, hold on to it and don’t let go.

Find your niche and take the plunge.

You want to be a politician when you grow up? Join ASI.

You may have the talent to entertain with your voice. If so,
sing your heart out and join the prestigious music program offered
here at Cal Poly.

And please, if you enjoy writing, email me at
editorinchief@thepolypost.com and we will get you started.

This is more than a column about getting involved in college. I
believe college years are special ones that deserve to be
cherished, but this time is also the foreground for our

I have found something special and I hope you can also.

This treasure comes in the form of opportunity.

Getting involved and giving that extra piece of yourself will do
more than just keep you busy.

The ambition and determination you learn will open doors and
pave the way for many opportunities.

Today you are becoming the person you will be in the future.
Live up to your potential.

Reach Amanda Newfield at:

Social norms aren

Social norms aren’t normal

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