LaBeouf is big man on campus in second ‘Transformers’

By Cielestia Calbay

Shia LaBeouf channels his inner college kid as his character
battles the books and giant robots in “Transformers: Revenge of the
Fallen,” which hits theatres June 24.

LaBeouf reprises his role in the sequel as Sam Witwicky, who
saved the planet from the evil Decepticons in the first
“Transformers” blockbuster film back in 2007.

After learning the truth about the ancient origins of the
Transformers, the young hero is back for another epic battle to
protect mankind with the help of Optimus Prime, who forms an
alliance with international armies.

In the sequel, Witwicky is off to embark on the college
experience ” something LaBeouf had always wanted to do.

“I wanted to go to college so bad and I was set to go. I had my
backpack picked out, [and] my cool little pump up pencil ” I was
ready,” LaBoeuf said in a conference call. “And at the last minute,
a guy named Steven Spielberg called up and had a plan for other
things. I wasn’t [going] be like, ‘Well listen Steven, you’ve got
great ideas and all, but I don’t think so Boss, I’m headed to
school. So, I didn’t do that because I’m not insane.”

LaBeouf adds that despite being fortunate enough to be in the
film industry, a part of him still wishes he had pursued the
college road.

As for his character’s college experience, LaBeouf says Witwicky
goes through the same dilemmas as any student.

“He’s on his way to school to start a new life [and] to get as
far away from his parents as he can, because he’s stifled [and has]
extremely protective parents. He’s sheltered, or they’re attempting
to keep him sheltered,” said LaBeouf. “He’s trying to create his
own world and create his own personality free from other people’s

Other than his character’s evolution in the second film, LaBeouf
says there are plenty of new elements audiences can look forward to
in the sequel that will hopefully top the first film.

With the film’s $200 million budget – $50 million more than the
first film ” the sequel called for high octane action sequences and
explosive visual effects.

Teaming with Japanese toy companies Hasbro and Takara, director
and producer Michael Bay utilized an array of resources, such as a
1,000-pound gasoline bomb, to make the effects as realistic as

“It’s f***ing bigger, stronger, faster, better. There’s no way
that we’re going to promise you something and then have it be a
piece of s***” said LaBeouf. “We broke like four or five Guinness
world records making it.”

Because of the film’s reliance on special effects, most of the
scenes LaBeouf was in involved a lot of physical exertion, which he
says was the most difficult aspect about working on the film.

“Having to physically exert yourself when you have a broken hand
is rough,” said LaBeouf who injured his hand in a car accident last
summer. “[Michael Bay] makes you do as much as possible, because he
has seven or eight cameras going at once.”Despite the demanding
action sequences, LaBeouf says it was exhilarating being in the
middle of the explosions.

“It’s fun for me because I feel like a bad ass,” said LaBeouf. ”
I am actually safer on set than I am in life.”

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LaBeouf is big man on campus in second

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LaBeouf is big man on campus in second ‘Transformers’

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