Inspect your gadget

By Cielestia Calbay

The list of newest and brightest gadgets normally comes out
during the holidays, and features items that seem years ahead of us
and are battery-operated. But gadgets don’t necessarily have to be
silver and complex to make an ‘it’ list. We decided to show a
little love to the quirky and wacky gizmos that may have you
feeling like a clown.

Vacuum Shoes

Eat your heart out, Dyson, these vacuum shoes may put you out of
a job.

These floor-cleaning shoes created by Electrolux suck up dirt
from the floor as you shimmy from room to room.

Kill two birds with one stone as you clean up your room and work
up barely a sweat with these neon, foam dirt busters.

On a sad note, the vacuum-shoe future is still a ways off from
now, as this sucking footwear is just a concept at the moment.

Okay, it may just be a model, but they’re a hell of a lot better
than Crocs.

Sandal Flask

You’ve probably had to empty out pebbles and sand from your
flip-flops before, but never an ounce of your favorite spirits.

Enter The Dram sandal ” your new best friend.

Created by Reef, the $28 sandal also functions as a flask to
store your booze.

Embedded in the sole is a 3-ounce screw-capped compartment for
holding a liquid of your choice.

Take it to the beach and you’ve got a party on your feet. But
expect a few odd looks if you’re sipping from your footwear.

Inflatable Iceberg

If a pool session recreating scenes from “Titanic” had you
feeling like something was missing, here’s your answer.

What’s a let’s-play-Jack-and-Rose game without your own

The inflatable iceberg created by Aviva is 15 feet of fun for
your pool.

Forget about global warming ” the iceberg functions as your own
private water park.

Three of the sides have grips for climbing, and the fourth side
is a gigantic water slide.

Just shell out nearly $6,000 and your aquatic adventures will be

Inspect your gadget

Courtesy of

Inspect your gadget

Inspect your gadget

Courtesy of

Inspect your gadget

Inspect your gadget

Courtesy of

Inspect your gadget

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