Students select favorite advisors

By Justin Velasco

Cal Poly Pomona honored its academic advisors at an event held
last Thursday in the Heritage Conference Center.

The 2008-09 Outstanding Academic Advisor Awards recognized a
faculty member from each college, an advisor from Student Affairs,
and an advisor from Academic Support Services, Student

President Michael Ortiz provided the opening remarks and said
the event was special because students were involved in the
nominating process.

“Too often we forget the reason we are here is the students,”
Ortiz said.

Continuing this theme, students were on hand to provide speeches
about how theadvisors had personally impacted their lives.

Thomas Ryan, a fourth-year sociology student, presented an award
to Scott Tsuji, an advisor with the Athletics Department.

Tsuji considered the award a “great honor” and credited his
success to support from all of the departments on campus.

Tracy Tran, a first-year undeclared student presented an award
to Kim Huynh of the Student Support and Equity Program.

Tran said it was because of the help from Huynh that she is now
petitioning to major in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Frederick Roth, the advisor from the College of Agriculture,
received an award and said he was pleased to be recognized for his

He thanked Dan Hostetler, chair of the Plant Sciences Department
for all of his help.”My hat’s off to Dan,” he said.

For the College of Business, Evelyn Guido, a graduating finance
student, presented the award to Phillip Ghazanfari.

Ghazanfari said he was “honored and grateful” for the

“I usually feel useful, productive and justified to exist when
I’m serving the needs of others,” Ghazanfari said. “Students give
me that opportunity.”

Donald St. Hilaire won the award for the Collins College.

Dean of Collins College, Andrew Feinstein, said St. Hilaire is
often the last person to leave at night.

Graduating senior Paola Beas presented the award to Patricia de
Freitas from Ethnic and Women’s Studies in the College of Education
and Integrative Studies.

De Freitas humbly accepted the award.

“Awards are for people who do hard things, but [advising
students] is the easiest thing to do,” she said.

Clifford Stover received the award for the College of

Andrew Wilcox, an alumnus of Cal Poly, received the award for
the College of Environmental Design.

Rebecca Cherman, a graduating public relations student presented
the award for the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences to
Communication Professor Tina McCorkindale.

McCorkindale thanked Department Chair Richard Kallan, fellow
Communication Professor Jane Ballinger, Department Secretary
Victoria Key and Department Assistant Lyn Hughes.

The final award went to Biology Professor Pamela Sperry from the
College of Science.

Sperry said it was a pleasure to represent all of the “amazing
advisors in the department and the university.”

Provost Marten denBoer hosted the event.

“I’m really pleased that we have faculty that care so much about
the students,” denBoer said.

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Students select favorite advisors

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Students select favorite advisors

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