Team B.E.S.T. sweeps

By Daniel Ucko

Team B.E.S.T. took the 2009 ASI Elections by storm Thursday,
with 1,841 votes for Richard Liu and Chris Chen, the new ASI
president and vice president.A total of 3,633 votes were recorded,
twice as many as last year.”I’m very encouraged by all the students
who voted for me,” said Liu.B.E.S.T. nabbed 9 of 14 positions, with
the presidential ticket earning 486 more votes than major
competitor The U Element, which received 1,355 votes.”It is time
for us to deliver the true purpose of ASI, which is a service to
[students],” said Liu. Chen said he tried not to invest too much
emotion into the campaign, but was shocked with the results.”I took
away emotion, any doubt I had in my mind, and just went with it,”
said Chen.Team YSS received 300 votes.The results were announced at
the Old Stables around 7:30 p.m. and no ballots were
rejected.The ASI government for 2009 will be:ASI
President ” Richard Liu [Team B.E.S.T.]

ASI Vice President ” Chris Chen [Team B.E.S.T.]

Senator At Large ” Johnathan Jianu [Team B.E.S.T.]

Senator At Large ” Helen Lieng [The U Element]

Senator At Large ” Sergio Nava [Team B.E.S.T.]

Senator At Large ” Will Pfeffer [Team B.E.S.T.]

College of Engineering Senator ” Ismael Souley [Team

College of Science Senator ” Seth Huang [Team B.E.S.T.]*

College of Agriculture Senator ” Andy Tuy [The U Element]

College of CEIS ” No write-in with more than 10 votes

College of Business Senator ” Matthew Martin [Team B.E.S.T.]

CLASS Senator ” Jennifer Cryer [Team B.E.S.T.]*

College of Environmental Science ” Andrew Kanzler*

Collins College Senator ” Matthew Mintzias


Team B.E.S.T. sweeps

Suzanne Khaazal/Poly Post

Team B.E.S.T. sweeps

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