Four Christmases’ has dynamic appeal

By Kara Vaporean

What’s a family holiday without a little drama?

“Four Christmases” with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn is
this holiday season’s first dysfunctional family story. Kate
(Witherspoon) and Brad (Vaughn) are a cute couple in their
mid-thirties that have been together for three years. They are
compatible in every way, but fear marriage. The cast is dynamic
throughout the movie as Witherspoon’s acting style corresponds well
with Vaughn and vice versa. Their off and on relationship is
attuned throughout.

Normally Brad and Kate avoid every Christmas by traveling to
exotic resorts. But when fog takes over the Bay Area, the couple is
forced to stay in San Francisco.

The past three years, the couple has lied about saving children
in Third World Countries, so they did not have to attend Christmas
family dinners. Film crews blow their cover when they capture Kate
and Brad on film in the airport. Their exotic vacation plans were

Not only do they have to spend Christmas with one family, but
they have to appear at four family holiday dinners. Neither Brad
nor Kate has met each other’s family.

Christmas Day begins with Brad’s father Howard (Robert Duvall)
and his two brothers Dallas (Tim McGraw) and Denver (Jon Favreau).
Unfortunately, the first Christmas dinner is a complete

Dallas and Denver are the two brothers from Hell. They bully the
family because their jealousy of Brad.

McGraw plays the quiet one of the two and should probably stick
to his singing career. Favreau was the perfect example of the
pushing, my way or the highway brother. Favreau’s big muscles and
evil glare fit right in to the crazy side of Brad’s family.

An intense wrestling match and the attempt to setting up a
satellite dish brings them quickly to Kate’s mother’s home. Here
they are attacked by the cougars of Kate’s family.

Kate’s horrifying childhood is brought back to life and the
ladies of the house cannot get enough of Brad.

At this point, the couple has only visited half the family.
Vaughn and Witherspoon are great pair because comedy of both actors
along with the sensitivity of the relationship is hard to balance,
but they make it work.

Now it is time to visit Brad’s mother, played by Sissy Spacek,
who is dating Brad’s former best friend.

Spacek is great for this role because she is an attractive older
lady. Not to say she falls in the “MILF” category, but she handles
herself appropriately.

The couple heads to Kate’s father’s house. The best thing about
the last house in their journey is that Kate’s father, played by
John Voight, is the only sane relative. Kate’s father opens the
door to the beginning of a happy love story.

Four Christmases is a great film to start the holiday season.
The cast is strong, keeping viewers entertained throughout. The
cast’s comedic roles flow during most of the movie.

Witherspoon and Vaughn were a good pair because of the
compatibility of their acting styles. Witherspoon is the cute, fun
blonde and Vaughn is the big goofy boyfriend. The combination
always makes a cute couple on and off the screen.

Four Christmases

Four Christmases’ has dynamic appeal

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