Manners: nonexistent or overly persistent?

By Katie Burnside

One of the golden rules our parents teach us in order to be good
people in society is to always be polite. But as we get older, more
incidents frustrate us and the real world causes us to become rude
and forget that all-important rule we were taught.

I can’t count how many times someone would let the door slam on
my face or not let me merge on the freeway during traffic.People
have forgotten to use their manners and instead continuously put
themselves before others.

Instead of “please” and “thank you,” we have replaced them with
f-bombs and the middle finger.

According to an ABCNEWS/World Tonight Poll, “85 percent of us
feel that the world would be a better place if we just said
‘please’ and ‘thank you’ more often.”

Society has become more rude than ever, and no one is taking
accountability for themselves.

A lot of it can be blamed on stress.

When we are under pressure and are put into stressful
situations, we tend to forget our manners and instead try to keep
our heads above the pressures that keep piling up on us.

Forgetting our manners and not being polite to others can
prevent people from doing well in the future in both the workplace
and social scenes.

Companies do not want to hire employees who are rude to others
and show disrespect and a lack of politeness to their

Instead, they are looking for employees who are polite and
create non-hostile work environments.

Socially, being polite can make or break relationships.

We all tend to be attracted to others that show some form of
manners because it shows that they respect and truly care for

The same goes with relationships with friends.

No one wants to be around people who are bad-mannered towards

It just puts people off and often causes the scene around them
to be gloomy.

And this is not to say that everyone needs to go out of their
way to try and get the door for someone or have 30 different people
say “bless you” while in class.

All it takes is a simple gesture when someone sneezes or holding
the door for someone when you know they are right behind you.

Being polite to others can help brighten everyone’s day, and it
can also help us tolerate the real world a little better.

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