Intramurals kick off with football, soccer and volleyball

By Daniel Torres

Intramural sports are once again underway at Cal Poly and
participants are excited about it.

Registration started on Sept 25 and ended Oct 10.

Teams were required to pay a team fee which ranged from $115.00
for volleyball, $133.00 for flag football and $153.00 for

Some students participate for more than just fun or for a good
workout. Some participate for the glory of winning.

“Every close game people get into it. Especially if they are
competitive, they’re playing because they’re competitive,” said
Christopher Asesno, a fifth-year civil engineering student.

Asesno has grown up with football all his life, so it is only
fitting that his sport of choice would be flag football.

“Personally I like it because I’ve played football my whole
life. I coach football, I do everything football since I was
little,” said Asesno.

Asesno has been participating in intramural sports for the past
five years, playing soccer, basketball and volleyball, as well as

Many students take the opportunity to participate in the sports
for some much needed exercise.

“I participated in flag football last year and even though I
didn’t know how to play really good, I still had fun and it was a
good workout,” said Charlene Mag-Iba, a third-year business
marketing student.

Mag-Iba is a small, petite female, so it’s a bit surprising to
hear she accidentally hurt someone when she participated in the
sport last year.

“I was running to catch the ball and I accidentally elbowed the
girl that was covering me in the nose. I felt really bad,” said

According to Mag-Iba, she is not participating in flag football
this quarter because work and school are taking up a lot of her
time, but she says she will return next quarter.

But there are also the students who participate in the sports
for fun.

“We’re not really good at sports, to be honest, so we just go
out there to have a good time,” said Steven Low, a fourth-year
civil engineering student. “I’m just trying to help out my
fraternity, which is Sigma Nu.”

Most students are happy with the idea of the intramural

“I think it’s awesome, especially for the greek life, the greek
system, it brings out that sense of competitiveness,” said Low.

“Besides partying, school and philanthropy, you got to have a
balance of sports.”

But some students do have some complaints about the sports.

“Personally I don’t like the way you can’t just bump. Any kind
of bumping at all is a penalty, but some people like it that way. I
understand the rules, but it’s just one of those things,” said

Such rules are set in place so no one gets hurt and according to
Asesno, he has yet to see anyone get injured.

Other than that, Asesno has no complaints about the

Sports being offered this quarter are soccer, volleyball and
flag football.

Flag football games are played Monday through Thursday at
Kellogg Stadium at 7, 8, and 9 p.m.

Soccer games Tuesday through Thursday at the activities field at
3 and 4 p.m. and volleyball games Wednesdays and Thursdays at
Darlene May Gym at 8 and 9 p.m.

Intramurals kick off with football, soccer and volleyball

James Choy/Poly Post

Intramurals kick off with football, soccer and volleyball

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