Bluetooth gnaws at nerves

By Paula Piccione

It is becoming an everyday occurrence to walk by multiple people
who seem to be talking to themselves.

While it appears that everyone is slowly but surely going crazy,
the reality is they are simply talking on their cell phone through
a Bluetooth device.

Since the hands-free driving law was enacted on July 1 and
Bluetooth headsets have become mandatory, it seems that wearing the
earpiece has become more of a fashion trend rather than a safety

Instead of using a simple or standard Bluetooth headset, many
people are sporting ear pieces with sleek designs and high-tech
features, with some that even include a little flashing blue

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully support the new law and agree
that it is a necessary move to decrease accidents on the road.

However, too many people have taken it upon themselves to
personally glue their headsets to their ears. They then go about
their entire day without ever taking it off, which is a bit
excessive, to say the least.

Because of this, people seem to have forgotten that in some
places it is not appropriate to be on the phone at all.

It is common knowledge that if the phone rings while dining in a
restaurant, the proper etiquette is to politely excuse yourself and
take the call outside.

Wearing a headset does not entitle a person to talk at the table
instead of going outside.

Just because they have their hands free does not change the fact
that they are still on the phone.

It is rude to the people around them and there is no need to be
wearing it in the situation anyway.

It can also be very distracting to be disturbed by someone’s
Bluetooth headset in a movie theatre.

Trying to watch a movie with a little blue light constantly
flashing a few feet in front of you is not enjoyable.

It’s like sitting in traffic and noticing that the car directly
ahead forgot to switch their blinker off.

In addition to remembering where it is suitable to use a
Bluetooth device in public, there comes a time when the device
should simply be left at home.

In other words, many people need to learn to not bring their
phones with them literally everywhere they go.

Frankly, if the headset isn’t being used to have a conversation,
there is no reason to be wearing it at all.

Leaving it on is like constantly holding an actual phone up to
your ear just incase a call comes in. It’s just not necessary.

Additionally, and despite popular belief, walking around with a
small plastic device in their ear does not make anyone look more
fashionable or trendy. Seeing people talking to themselves in
public places such as around campus or at the grocery store is
something everyone is just going to have to get used to.

However, there is a huge difference between using a Bluetooth
headset when necessary and using it all the time.

The law requires using a hands-free device while driving.

Why people feel the need to use them when they are not driving
or doing work that requires two hands is beyond me.

Whether in a movie theatre, at a restaurant, or sitting in
class, it is important to remember that if it is not appropriate to
be talking on the phone, the same applies for using a

Just take the earpiece out, and no one will get hurt.

Bluetooth gnaws at nerves

Greg Toumassian

Bluetooth gnaws at nerves

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