Texting while driving: dangerous distraction or communication satisfaction?

By Greg Toumassian

Every week The Poly Post brings together two people who have
agreed to disagree on a firey topic.

We pit them up against each other, ask them the hard-hitting
questions and let the reader decide who the victor is.This week two
of our editors debated the all-important question on our
commuter-friendly campus; whether text messaging while driving is

Edward Fillinger: I believe that there is a reason to outlaw
using your cell phone while driving. It serves as a distraction.
People get caught up in their conversations, and there is an
increase in users with cell phones.

There are so many people who have a cell phone now a days and
who actually have it in their hand or attached to their ear, and to
out law it I don’t want to say that it will stop all accidents, but
it would definitely allow people to become more aware of what they
are doing while they are driving

Daniel Torres: People don’t drive bad just because they are
texting or talking on their cell phone; there are other reasons
that people get into accidents. Obviously they are eating and doing
other things as well. It seems like their just picking on cell
phones because it’s an easier target. It’s like, “oh more people
have them” so that’s the main reason people are getting into
accidents, but it’s not necessarily true

EF: I understand that people are distracted and that bad drivers
are bad drivers, but definitely I don’t want to say you can dismiss
the fact that since the rise of popularity of cell phones,
coexisting is the rise in accidents and the accidents being caused
by people on their cell phones or texting on their cell phones.

DT: Cell phone usage has increased since then, and you said more
accidents have also occurred, but recently as well we have seen a
lot more fat people, ok? That means they’re eating more, I mean fat
people drive, fat people are going to eat while they are driving,
how could you blame it soley on the cell phones because more people
have them? You could also blame accidents tied in with eating as
well because we have more and more fat people now, so we also could
blame it on food.

EF: Coexisting I think there is a rise in accidents due to cell
phone use, that’s what I’m saying.

DT: I think a lot of people notice that within the past couple
of years, there has been an increase of obesity. There is a lot
more people getting fatter. People – especially fat people – also
drive and are part of the cell phone use as well

EF: He said that an increase in fat people in the past couple of
years with obesity.2/3 of the population of the population is over
weight, less than that than that is actually obese, but you can’t
blame food for accidents.

DT: Why not? Obesity is going up, so is food consumption.

EF: Just because people are fat doesn’t mean it’s because they
are eating in the car and therefore mentally they are

DT: Can you prove that?

EF: You seriously want me to believe that because someone is
fat, it is because they ate a lot of food in the car, and there for
they are distracted and cannot drive? And that coexists with people
getting in car accidents because they look down at there cell phone
or they are involved in a conversation, and can’t find the god
forbid letters on the keyboard of there cell phone?

Texting while driving: dangerous distraction or communication satisfaction?

Texting while driving: dangerous distraction or communication satisfaction?

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