Student entrepreneurs launch aquatic beer pong table

By Daniel Ucko

For Beirut ballers and beerpong fanatics who just can’t seem to
get enough of the game on land, graduating fifth-year business
marketing student Donnie Foster has invented the perfect

Foster has engineered, developed and produced Inflatapong, a
34-inch inflatable beerpong table that runs for $79.99 and can be
found at The table takes about five minutes to
blow up by mouth and one minute with a pump.

Based on the design of an air mattress, the Inflatapong tables
are portable and lightweight, with three acrylic top pieces that
keep the cups stable and allow for ball-bouncing on the middle.

“I’m really hoping it takes off,” Foster said. “[However,] I
don’t plan on this really long term. It’s going to take off then
the next thing is going to take over … The nature of our product
is cyclical. It’s not going to be awesome forever.”

Foster has been developing a professional business plan for his
product and plans to sell 200 tables by the end of the month.

Inflatapong is backed by Red Bull Enegy Drink and Foster said
representatives are interested in buying “a bunch.”

When summer strikes, Foster and business partner and longtime
friend Stephen Boyd will be hitting the road to promote their
product – from a houseboat party in Havasu to a month-long road
trip and college tour.

“As soon as I graduate, I’m going to start advertising to
companies and working on campaigns,” Foster said. “Starting August,
we’re planning to take the 10 East all the way to Florida.”

For now, though, Foster and Boyd are offering the tables

“It started with my parents going on vacation,” Foster began.
“My friends wanted to play beerpong and so did I. It was July 4
weekend and we had the idea to play in the pool.”

It was that weekend Foster and his friends created one of the
first floating beerpong tables. Thrown together with plywood on top
of plastic foam, the original table did the trick for the day but
wasn’t going much further.

It was not long after that Boyd called Foster and pitched the
idea of seriously creating a beerpong table for the water.

“We’re kind of in a league of our own,” Foster said. “We have a
product unlike anybody else’s.”

Over the past year, the two students have invested over $10,000
in their own funds and loans into patenting, developing, and
creating he product. They enlisted the help of a Chinese
import/export company to develop the prototype, which was finalized
in May.

Foster also got help from his fraternity when he brought the
table in to meeting and asked brothers to anonymously write down
how much they would pay for a table. The results ranged from $20 to
$90 and averaged from $55-$65, according to Foster.

“If [people are] in a house with a pool, we’re hoping they band
together,” said Foster. “Everyone throws down twenty bucks on it.
It’s cheap and it’s easy, and you have something nobody else

Foster took it to hotel pools in Las Vegas during his
fraternity’s formal a few weeks ago, and said the security officers
couldn’t figure out what to do.

“They weren’t even sure if they wanted me to take it out or
not,” Foster said.

As the entrepreneurs work to get their product in place at
locations such as Spencer’s humorous retail shop, Sports Chalet,
and Skymall Magazine, they’ve taken the whole business experience
into their own hands.

“If you have an idea, don’t be shy about it,” Foster said. “The
only way it’s gonna work is if you really stick to it and

Student entrepreneurs launch aquatic beer pong table

Daniel Ucko/Poly Post

Student entrepreneurs launch aquatic beer pong table

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