Falling for the sports section

By Michael Zavala

My mind is blank.

Something is supposed to go here, but it is hard to tell what.
All I know is I do not want to write some sappy story about how
wonderful/frightening/bizarre it is to be graduating – no offense
to anyone blogging about graduation as he or she is reading

At the same time, it is difficult to ignore the temptation of
leaving some big piece of myself on this page for someone to read
and then forget about in 10 minutes.

But what big piece could I possibly leave here?

My life is neither complex nor profound, and I have not done
much in my tenure as sports editor other than have fun every week
and write about people who are using their gifts to have fun.

The job sort of fell into my lap, if I am being honest. On my
first day at The Post, after all the stories I was interested in
were taken, all that was left was the women’s basketball beat and a
story about the Cal Poly Federal Credit Union.

The credit union serves an important function at Cal Poly, but
again, honestly speaking, I am making the same choice 10 times out
of 10.

From there, it snowballed into me becoming the sports editor.
Nothing special occurred; I was simply the only person writing
about sports who would also be around this year.

I guess that says a lot about me as a person. I do not take
myself very seriously.

Why should I?

My journalistic record is not too impressive. I wrote 94 sports
stories this year and received no awards, while my good friend Joe
Muldoon wrote two sports stories and won “Best Sports Story” at the
Southern California Excellence in Journalism Awards May 10 for his
piece on midnight soccer.

You tell me who the better sportswriter is.

In a way, I am not even the prototypical sports editor. The NBA
is the only league I follow with any regularity.

Outside of the sports page, I am basically a big geek.

My Saturday night was spent playing “Super Smash Bros. Brawl”
and making filthy jokes with high school friends I had not seen in

Sunday morning I correctly guessed my brother’s place in the
video game “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations”
based solely on the in-game music.

Whenever time travel is used anywhere in fiction, no matter how
bad it is, it is practically Christmas for me.

Sports ability, on the other hand, is not really in my blood.
The only team I ever played on was my high school’s junior varsity
tennis team.

When we play football during breaks at The Post, I am a
possession receiver at best, and that is with our editor-in-chief
Ashley Schofield on our team.

Becoming The Post’s sports editor was not a part of my plan.

There was never any indication that I even had a plan, actually.
I just wanted to write because that is the only thing I can see
myself doing for the rest of my life.

Sports writing has been an experience, though.

I had never done it before I came to The Post, and I am glad I
devoted my time to it.

Through it, I became connected to the campus, and week after
week I spoke with some of the happiest, most humble people I will
ever have the pleasure of meeting.

I am not great with endings, so in my place, the great Edward R.
Murrow will provide a salutation to live by.

Good night, and good luck.

Falling for the sports section

Allen Chen/Poly Post

Falling for the sports section

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