Weintraub seeks change in spending for 2008-09

By Edward Fillinger

Newly elected ASI President Jeffrey Weintraub claims spending
changes are set for the agenda next year as the CSU Board of
Trustees voted to increase student fees by 10 percent.

One of the main challenges Weintraub will face in ASI next year
is how much money will be able to spent in efforts to enhance
students’ education.

“The main thing is now that the CSU Board of Trustees has voted
to up our student fees, it’s really going to damper how we look to
our education in the next year,” said Weintraub.

Weintraub explained one of his projects for the coming year is
looking to see where money is being spent and if it is being spent

“What’s to say that the money we are going to pay more of is
going to get used better [than now]? Like, if the money we are
paying now isn’t getting used better – because we are not seeing
any relative improvement – how do we even know that what they are
doing is improving our education in itself?” said Weintraub.
Weintraub refers to “they” as the CSU system, the Board of
Trustees, the Chancellor’s Office and anyone who is responsible for
the organization of activities and events within the CSU system.”We
should look to the everyday operations of how they facilitate that
budget, where they spend it and what they spend it on,” said
Weintraub. “To charge us more money, that doesn’t mean things are
going to get better. What is it to say that more money is needed if
they are not spending the money they have now more efficiently?”
Weintraub believes he has seen too many cases in which it didn’t
seem like money was being spent as efficiently as possible, and
budget spending is an area that needs re-evaluation. “Say a club
wants to have an event and spend a good amount of money because
they are planning for a huge turnout, but only get, like, five
people to come. “You have wasted that money, because you cannot get
that back, and there was no way of getting feedback from students
to guarantee they would come,” said Weintraub.Weintraub feels these
situations have happened before and there are small things that can
be prevented to assure it won’t happen again. If money were being
spent as it should be in every situation, Weintraub feels a fee
decrease could be a result in the future. “If we can determine
areas where we are wasting our money or resources, then we can run
more efficiently,” said Weintraub. “If you are wasting money, that
means we could actually operate on less money, and if we operate on
less money, we might be able to lower our fees, and that is an
improvement for everyone across the board.”Weintraub believes
students need to evaluate the quality of their education and make
changes as they see fit. “What are they doing to improve our
quality of service?” said Weintraub.Leadership within government is
another aspect Weintraub wants to evaluate and make changes if they
are necessary.”It’s sort of that basic aspect of how people
organize themselves and work together. That actually stems from
Mercy [Daramola] and myself.”Weintraub and Daramola believe these
areas are needed for change and students are already expecting that
from as indicated through their campaign during the elections.
“There were people who heard us and knew what we were about. Now
that [we] are in office, students will know what to expect from
[us],” said Daramola.


Brandon Tan/Poly Post


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