Thieving TSA not protective

By Christa Collins

Taking Something Always.

That is what the Transportation Security Administration has
become known as.

The TSA was created in 2001 after 9/11. It’s the reason you have
to get to the airport three hours early now.

It’s also the reason many travelers are quite mad. More and more
passengers are coming forward claiming the TSA has stolen their
belongings. The claims are widespread throughout the country.

The TSA has fired about 200 employees accused of stealing since
its creation, according to The addition of background
checks on new hires and video cameras in screening areas don’t seem
to help.

These people who are supposed to be protecting you are instead
taking advantage of the power, which is sickening and scary.

One would think it would be smart to take valuables in a
carry-on because the traveler always has it with him or her, as
opposed to checked baggage.

This is what Edward Fleiss thought as he traveled with his wife
from New York to Los Angeles. Little did they know they would find
a $500 pair of designer eyeglasses was no longer in his wife’s
carry-on bag. The glasses had been swiped right before their

Upon complaint via letters to the TSA, Fleiss received the
response, “Dear traveler, thank you, but no reimbursement on a $500
pair of glasses.”

Eyeglasses may not be such a big deal, but how about the
engagement ring that went missing or the $265 in birthday money
that broke a 12-year-old’s heart.

What if something that can’t just simply be replaced was taken?
Imagine a family heirloom or something with immense sentimental

As a frequent traveler, this reality scares me. I try to carry
valuables on the plane with me, but even then, what if something
was taken?

A digital camera can be replaced, but not the memories it holds.
What if you were coming back from a vacation? Everything would be
lost. I’ve had my computer crash before, and I lost all my
pictures. I couldn’t imagine it happening again.

Travelers are already concerned about getting to their flight on
time and wondering if they packed everything they need. Well, what
if for once you actually remembered to bring your toothbrush, but
someone else intentionally ruined your trip for you?

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