Bars and clubs are bad places to get a date

By Megan Arii-Heger

It’s no shock to hear of guys going to bars to pick up on girls,
but according to a survey taken to help promote the new AXE Bullet
deodorant body spray, bars and clubs are the wrong places to be

Some Cal Poly students agreed, as they suggested class, the
Marketplace and the pancakes as better places to meet guys and

Another top suggestion was letting guys or girls essentially
come to you. With a school dominated by commuters, most people have
apartments or houses with friends, opening up an ideal opportunity
to meet people. Anthony Xavier, a third-year food marketing and
agribusiness marketing student, admitted to using this tactic

“I usually meet a lot of the girls at the house, having
kickbacks,” Xavier said.

Some believe a house or apartment sets up a comfortable
environment that’s relaxing without the pressures usually brought
on by the chaotic environment often seen in clubs and bars.

“[A good place to meet girls is] a coffee shop or something like
that; any place relaxed where you naturally would go,” said Daniel
Mueoz, a third-year biology student. “You don’t want to go
someplace forced.”

According to the AXE survey, 68 percent of girls said a guy’s
approach matters most, with confidence being a positive factor.

Cal Poly students believe throwing out cheesy lines and staying
away from groups can be effective as well.

Throwing out cheesy lines and staying away from groups were also
suggestions thrown out there by Cal Poly students.

“It shows more when a guy comes to you and shows interest and
actually pays attention to you,” said Sarah Rand, a fourth-year
liberal studies student.

George Serrano, a third-year industrial engineer student,
suggested an ideal way to approach a female.

“Talk to her and make eye contact … but you play it cool. Just
kind of make it casual because every guy is probably already
hitting on her, and you’ve got to be different; you’ve got to stand
out a little,” said Serrano. “Don’t be scared and have confidence.
If the opportunity is there, just take it.”

Missing out on opportunities was another complaint many women
had. According to the survey, nine out of 10 girls admitted that
when they went about their everyday routine, they’ve seen cute guys
and wished they would make a move.

“Don’t hold back. If it takes you longer than three seconds to
make a decision, then you’ve already decided,” said Xavier.

Other students agreed that there have been too many times a
person has missed out on an ideal situation due to a lack of
confidence or an inability to see the signs being thrown at them.
Joanna Pisanski, a first-year apparel merchandising and management
student, agreed cluing guys in is how she lets them know she’s

“I’ll make physical contact by touching their arm or something.
I’ll look them in the eyes. I’ll listen to them. And somehow before
we leave, I’ll slip in a number, like, ‘Hey, we should hang out
sometime,'” she said.

With the excuse of being shy the best argument many guys at Cal
Poly were able to come up with, it was a guy that offered the

“If she’s [chill], she’ll be nice to you and talk to you for a
little bit anyways. And if she doesn’t talk to you, she’s probably
[not chill], and you probably don’t want to talk to her,” said
Keith Topete, a second-year food marketing and agribusiness
management student.

Ana Canas, a second-year international business and marketing
student, offered the simplest advice of all.

“Don’t be a creeper; be yourself,” Canas said.

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