Heartstop wows crowd at CD release

By Megan Arii-Heger

Catchy hooks and lyrics filled the cramped room at Chain
Reaction in Anaheim last Friday as Heartstop headlined their CD
release show at the all-ages music venue.

Feeding off the energy of the audience as well as the excitement
over the debut of their second EP, “Moments,” the boys were able to
pull off a great show.

This Hacienda Heights-based rock band originally entered the
music scene in 2005 under the name Home Sweet Home.

Halfway through recording what was to be its first album, the
guys lost the majority of their work due to technical problems with
the hard drive storing the music. The band made a unanimous
decision to try something new and Heartstop was born.

Anxious to get some tunes recorded, the band worked hard and
quickly released its first EP, “Short of a Miracle.” Shortly after
its release the band decided to add bassist Tristan Ramos into the
mix, completing the current lineup.

At first glance, Heartstop can come off as a typical indie rock
band with guitars and piano. But after the first few seconds of
listening, it’s obvious that they are far from typical.

Their music has a sort of wave about it that takes you back to
those unforgettable summer nights filled with friends and good
times. With a mellow yet still upbeat sound, the music has an easy
flow to it, like the perfect soundtrack to a good roadtrip.

Such a sound was needed on the night of their CD release show,
as the rain was pouring outside and the crowd was eager to see what
they had come for.

The moment the lights went out, the audience was immediately
brought back to life as it recognized the darkness as a sign that
the anticipation was over and the real show was about to begin.

The fans were able to have as much fun listening as the band was
playing. Lead singer and pianist Jake Hawkes hypnotized the crowd
with his breathtaking vocals as drummer Joe Khoury added to the
spell with his incredible skills.

Guitarists Matt Sellers and Casey Serna added their part as well
with a few impressive guitar solos and bassist Tristan Ramos
finished off the mix as he showed off his talents on the bass.

The set list was an interesting mix, as it was filled with the
old, the new and the remixes, allowing both hard core fans and
first-time listeners to have an unforgettable experience.

The most memorable part of the night was an original
piano-infused rock remix of the well-known “Fresh Prince of
Bel-Air” theme song. This gave the audience an opportunity to take
a walk down memory lane and pay a visit to times of fun and
innocence as everyone in the room sang along.

When the final song ended, the crowd wasn’t ready to say their
goodbyes just yet as they chanted the ever familiar, “One more
song, one more song!” Within a few moments, the boys walked back on
stage and performed “Short of a Miracle,” one of their most
well-known songs and a regular on KROQ’s “Locals Only.”

When they were finally through tantalizing the crowd, the boys
said their thanks and goodbyes to the fans and stepped down from
their thrones, leaving the audience waiting for next time.

Heartstop wows crowd at CD release

Megan Arii-Heger/Poly Post

Heartstop wows crowd at CD release

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