Benefits of Yoga are being used to aid younger children

By Hannah Mueoz

Yoga has become a common practice for college students dealing
with high levels of stress and has recently been implemented in
grade school curriculum to teach students how to relieve anxiety
and tension at a younger age.

“I’m sure they could go without it, but I think it’s incredibly
beneficial,” said Alane Daugherty, a kinesiology professor who
instructs yoga at Cal Poly.

The American College Health Association’s national survey states
that stress has been the main factor in students’ failure within
the past six years.

As stress is a huge downfall in many students’ lives, yoga is
recommended to cope with the pressure.

“Yoga is so, so useful for eliminating and cutting down stress,”
said Daugherty. “If students understood how much it would affect
their college career, it would be an important and beneficial

College students, who juggle school, job responsibilities and
the pressures of starting their profession and becoming financially
independent, are often the target student group for high stress

Stress is increasingly affecting younger children due to
society’s competitive pressures to succeed.

Programs such as Yogakids International and California-based
YogaEd have created useful resources for teaching yoga to young
students across the country.

“Children today are under a tremendous amount of stress from
school, their environment, peer competition and expectations from
the media,” according to the YogaKids International Web site.
“Stress affects the way children learn and interact with their
surroundings. It affects their health, well-being and

Howard Gardner created the Multiple Intelligence Theory of
Harvard to bring students yoga as an enjoyable activity. These
learning approaches bring the original yoga methods with a twist of
playful and fun behaviors as a launch pad for learning.

Students enrolled in Daugherty’s yoga class also said that the
recreational practice of yoga brought ease into their lives.

“I get letters and letters from students every quarter about
their transformation about them taking the class,” said Daugherty.
“It is deeply fulfilling to see the changes in students.”

Some students agree this mechanism is a helpful coping tool.

“I think it’s a good idea. I like yoga,” said Erin Sexton, a
second-year graphic design student.

Although other students don’t think yoga is a solution for them,
they believe it to be beneficial for their peers.

“I haven’t thought much about it,” said Sean Bell, a first-year
architecture student. “I think I deal with my stress well enough to
where I don’t need yoga. I can see it as valuable for those who do
stress though.”

Daugherty believes bringing yoga into elementary schools is a
fascinating idea. She explained that it goes beyond a physical
exercise, as it is basically a mind/body behavior.

“The whole type of refocusing yoga is the neuroscience of total
transformation,” said Daugherty. “I can’t really separate yoga from
the meditation because it’s a whole combination for me. I’m not
exaggerating when I say it’s transformed my life.”

Benefits of Yoga are being used to aid younger children

Chris Sloan/Poly Post

Benefits of Yoga are being used to aid younger children

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