Planes provide holiday help

By Christa Collins

Before Thanksgiving break, I, like many others, had to take a
friend to the airport. The airport has developed a new meaning for
me recently, now being in a long-distance relationship.

The airport has become a more emotional place for me than in the
past, and I didn’t expect it to hit me as I simply drove a friend
to the same airport I dropped my boyfriend off at two weeks

I just wanted to get out of there, and of course the one thing
obstructing me from doing so was a large, raised SUV, in true SoCal
fashion. The driver and passenger in the car were waving madly out
the front window and completely oblivious to anything around

Naturally I became a little irritated, but then all anger
subsided when I saw whom they had been waving to.

A few men in camouflage uniforms were standing along the curb.
Talk about a long-distance relationship and a long-awaited

The quality of being strong in these situations is elevated when
every day you wake up not knowing if the one you love is alive. I
have a lot of respect for these couples and families.

You can’t help but start that countdown in your head, and on
that anticipated travel day, your worst enemy is a delayed flight.
Many couples take a chance on someone who lives beyond a convenient
driving distance, but it is a dying trend. Most opt for convenience
over chemistry and communication.

College is a time where the long-distance relationship is often
an issue.

With hometown being different than college town, many must make
the decision to stick or quit. A couple during the school year can
also be faced with the adversity of two very different hometowns
during the summer break.

Whether it is this circumstance or another, the airport becomes
an emotional place all year for some. With millions of travelers
taking to the sky this holiday season, the airport takes on a whole
new meaning for many others.

The airport has always been seen as a convenient medium to stay
in touch with loved ones, and this is why the airport can sometimes
be confused with your local mall during the holidays.

For some families this may be the only time they gather
together, and airports make that option a lot more enjoyable than a
road trip with your kid brother.

The holiday season makes the airport the place of greetings and
good-byes for millions visiting those dear to them.

At face value, the airport is the place that rips apart that
last hug, especially that over-zealous loading zone parking

However, distance is the real villain and airplanes make these
relationships between family, friends, or a little bit more than
friends possible.

So whether you paid $40 or $400 and either shed a smile or a few
tears at the check-in counter, it is all worth it.

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