Local band releases album, opens for Bad Religion

By Emily Irvine

With aggressive, punk-rock vocal delivery and energetic guitars,
Longway pays tribute to the rock and roll greats who came before it
while simultaneously paving the way for the new wave of punk rock.
CDBaby.com refers to the band’s sound as “rock ‘n roll punk that
will kick you’re a**.”

Longway was formed in late 2001; however, the current lineup of
Brian Longway ,vocals and guitar; MikeyStein, drums; Travis
Ferguson, bass; and Trevor Jackson,guitar, has been in place since

The end of the revolving lineup is clearly a relief to Longway’s
current members.

“We’ve had members in the past who weren’t committed as
musicians; now everyone has good ideas and we don’t have to worry
about who’s playing what during shows,” said Brian.

The other members of the band agree wholeheartedly.

“This is my second go-around with the band,” said MikeyStein.
“The camaraderie is the best it has ever been and the chemistry we
have just works.”

Longway was signed two months ago by Old Shoe Records, a label
based in Orange. The band held a release party on Oct. 24 for their
Old Shoe debut album, “Come ‘n Get It.”

The members of Longway have a great appreciation for their

“Old Shoe is amazing,” said Jackson. “Anything we’ve needed,
anything we’ve wanted to do as a band, they’ve made sure it’s
gotten done. They treat their bands like family; they truly believe
in them.”

The process of recording and

mastering their album took eight months.

“I did things with my vocals [on this album] that I’ve never
done before,” said Brian. “There is a ton of life in this record,
and I’m excited to put it out there.”

Longway will begin taking its explosive live show on the road
next month.

“We will be playing with a little band called Bad Religion in
Hawaii next month,” said Brian.

The band burst into laughter, showing their humility and
enthusiasm to be playing with one of their idols.

“I almost cried when we got the call asking ‘Hey, do you want to
get on a plane and play with Bad Religion in Hawaii?’ I couldn’t
believe it,” said MikeyStein.

Being on the road will be a new experience for this current
lineup, who has not toured together yet.

“We’re looking forward to experiencing this lineup together,”
said Brian. “It will be cool to play outside of the SoCal scene,
too, because it’s so oversaturated; everyone’s in a band! When you
play shows in smaller towns, it’s more of a big deal for the

Longway will also be shooting its first music video next month
for the song “Fade to Grey.”

“We’re really excited. This year has been really good for us,”
said Brian. “We’ve had the chance to do things we’ve never done
before, like make a music video.”

The band hopes to continue touring five years from now,
including overseas.

“I’d like to be touring the U.S. and Europe twice a year,” said

Long way is both appreciative and humble about where it is

“I see these people at the shows, and I think, ‘Are they here
for us? Are we a real band?’ I hope we continue growing as a band
and working hard,” said Brian. “It’s what I want to do for a
living. I want to do this until our wheelchairs rust!”

Local band releases album, opens for Bad Religion

Photo courtesy of www.thebandlongway.com

Local band releases album, opens for Bad Religion

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