Peace Prize for Gore’s green effort

By Joshua Manly

The year is 2007 and Al Gore is in the last years of his
presidency. Welcome to a different future in which the sitting
president is more akin to the president of “The West Wing” than the
president of “24” in the later seasons. Not only has the country
won over the international community with a new energy policy
involving several green solutions but the attacks of 9/11 have been
used to solidify the nation to join an international task force
instead of lead their own.

Welcome to the future in which a man capable of winning a Nobel
Peace Prize and win an Academy Award for “An Inconvenient Truth” is
leading in the Oval Office. It is a brighter future than a country
broken in half by partisan politics and hailing against the man
that controls the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Sadly, this is the future that we never saw due to a Supreme
Court ruling, and Al Gore being a gentleman in politics.

Last week, after sharing the Nobel Peace Prize with the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Al Gore announced that
he would give all the proceeds of the award to the Alliance for
Climate Protection. And this is the man that we didn’t vote

Political pundits throughout the nation have called the award a
political move and that the research the ACP and Al Gore are doing
is not meant for the peace prize, something won by men like Martin
Luther King Jr. and Jimmy Carter. They say that this is just old
world Europe biting their thumbs at President Bush and the U.S. as
they continue in their fight for freedom.

Such claims belong with Anne Coulter and her far right
Republican regime.

As grass roots campaigns continue to grow for Al Gore to enter
in the Democratic primaries and volunteers continue to rush to the
phones to drum up support, the ideal candidate wants nothing to do
with the office that he sought in 2000.

All of this for a man who has used his un-official position as
the spurned gentleman to the benefit of not only the country but
also the planet.

There should be nothing but kudos coming in from the surrounding
political communities for a person that has forgotten his own
political career in an effort to stop what he called in his
acceptance speech, “…[not] a political issue, it is a moral and
spiritual challenge to all of humanity. It is also our greatest
opportunity to lift global consciousness to a higher level.”

Never mind that if Gore were to run it would be the kind of
political “PR” nightmare that could only happen if say a
vice-president were to shoot a man and hide it for a few days, or
it came out that the president was galvanizing an astonishing 20
percent of the nation. Never mind that if he were to run with
someone like Barack Obama or John Edwards he would probably carry
every democratic vote from West Palm Beach, Florida to the
northwestern corner of Alaska.

Gore is going to quietly let go of those political aspirations
and at the same time let go of all the pointless lobbying, negative
speeches, and platinum plate dinners that he always hated as vice
president. At the same time he is going to hook arms with the new
horizon of global change and work to convince the rest of the
United States that global warming is more than just a buzzword
spoken by crazy liberals.

He is also going to coolly continue to top the bestseller list
with books his latest “Attack on Reason,” as he continues to change
the world as we know it. There are those that believe that ensuring
there will be a planet Earth to make peaceful in the next century
is it not worth the same cause as Dr. King’s efforts to make sure
that the South would not implode upon itself.

Perhaps they are the same people that would rather see the award
go to the war on terror as a movement in itself.

Denying the chance to win the presidency again is the smartest
thing Gore has ever done and apparently that statement now has
quite a bit of competition.

Al Gore is fighting for our future; too bad he could not have
led it.

Peace Prize for Gore

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Peace Prize for Gore’s green effort

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