MSA holds Fast-a-thon for month of Ramadan

By Josh Tatum

The Muslim Student Association invites the entire student body
to participate in their third annual Fast-A-Thon for the Ramadan

“Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar,” said Emaan
Abdallah, a fourth-year journalism student with a political science
minor. “[It is] a holy month of the history of the religion of
Islam [when the] Quran was completed being revealed to the prophet

Those who are Muslim believe it is commanded of them to fast for
the month Ramadan.

“Oh ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was
prescribed on those before you that you may learn self restraint,”
Quran 2:183.

The fast lasts for 30 days from sunup to sundown without food,
water or bad habits.

The MSA offers three days of prayer on campus and a place to
break the fast together.

“[The] MSA is a resource for Muslim students on campus to
fulfill their religious obligations,” said Abdallah.

The group encourages non-Muslim students to fast with them.

“[The fast is] always difficult the first couple of days.” said
Abdallah. “But, after that, the body gets into the routine of
fasting and the reward of fasting for the sake of the one God is
greater than any difficulty that I might face in the process.”

Every non-Muslim student that participates will be sponsored by
a local business. The money earned helps provide the necessities
for families in developing countries.

“We invite non-Muslims to fast with us because the month of
Ramadan is about family and friends … [non-Muslims] can learn
more about Islam because we give a Muslim 101 at the end of the
fast,” said Abdallah.

Many students at Cal Poly have accepted the invitation to
participate in the Fast-A-Thon.

“Last year we did have a high turn out, the room was packed.”
said Yafa Aweihat, a second-year political science student. “I
don’t know if the turn out will be higher this year. So far, we
have 15 people signed up”

Students who have done the Fast-A-Thon with the MSA are
encouraging others to participate as well.

“You get to experience the culture of others,” said Maximliano
Cabellos, a fifth-year gender, ethnicity and multicultural studies
and political science student. “I believe in real multiculturalism,
meaning you have to take part in their culture in order to
understand it.”

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