Freeze-dried isn’t frozen

By Allison Balthazor

An alternative to the recommended five servings of daily fruit
can now be found through freeze-dried smoothie powder. In a packet,
nutrients can be concentrated much easier than blending a
traditional smoothie.

The freeze-dried smoothie powder is added to water to create an
instant drink.

U.K. based companies such as offer the powder.
According to the company’s Web site, the smoothie contains more
than 40 blueberries, 10 strawberries, 15 raspberries, four carrots,
an apple, plus a mixture of sweet peppers, tomato, okra, broccoli
and even some cabbage.

The Web site also states that it is every bit as nutritional as
the “real thing.” However, the powder may not be as nutritious as
fresh smoothies.

“Some vitamins will lose their activity. Fresh fruit is always
better,” said Monica Golzalez-Bruch, a graduate student who
previously studied nutrition in Spain.

If this product is used in moderation, it is bound to be a good
supplement, but it should not be used to completely replace fruits
and vegetables.

“They are not going to be as nutritious as a powder, but frozen
fruit is fine, because it is frozen at its peak,” said Jenae Reed,
assistant program manager of the Bronco Fitness Center.

The trend of freeze-dried smoothie powder has not yet caught on
around campus. Amber Garcia, a second-year business student and an
employee of Freshens in the BSC, had not heard of the fad.

Other students who enjoy an occasional smoothie don’t see the
point of the powder.

“If I wanted smoothies all the time, I might buy it, but I don’t
need it now, so I’ll stick with Jamba Juice every once in a while,”
said Carly Clarke, a third-year art student.

This product may be a trend in the U.K., but for now it is very
hard to find in the United States. Health food stores, like Trader
Joe’s and Whole Foods, do not carry the item.

Stores and online merchants known for freeze-dried foods, like
Recreational Equipment Inc., do not carry the item either. Instead,
many carry freeze-dried fruit powder, such as acai berry powder,
which can be put in smoothies.

For now, the product will have to be ordered through the U.K.
Web site and shipped over to the U.S. or hunted down in smaller
health food stores.

Reach Allison Balthazor at

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