Why I love this job

By Daniel Tedford

I love my job, my future career.

I realize not everyone can say that, but some do and that is

I enjoy everything about it. I get to read interesting subjects,
learn new ideas and extraordinary facts, talk to people who have
lived through amazing events or have bewildering insight, and
write. I love to write and tell stories-this is my job.

Despite the joy all that brings me the best thing about
journalism is that I admire it. That is rare, even for those who
love their work.

This profession is important. It helps the world function. Yes,
the world is dysfunctional, but it would be worse without

It exposes our secrets, sometimes for empathy and other times
for scrutiny, but mostly in the name of what is right or good or

It can kill us if done improperly or save us if done well, and
sometimes those trying to save us get killed in that attempt.

It has the potential to do great things and it can fail. But
when it succeeds it does more good than it could ever do harm.

But important journalism is fading. It is being strangled by
corporate executives who have banked on consumer apathy and so far
their wallets have remained full while journalism’s integrity gets

Corporations that own media are playing to your ignorance and
it’s working. Journalists don’t want to cover celebrities,
journalists want to expose the ills of societies.

But most of you don’t care. Instead you care about Britney
Spears and her bald head, and media owners care about what you care
about because they care about what advertisers care about, and what
advertisers care about is getting you to look at their products
taking up the 60 column inches below good ‘ol Britney.

If you read more about culture or politics or business or crime
or investigative pieces-the actual relevant to your lives
stories-then advertises would like them more and then owners would
too. Whether journalism survives as the great asset to democracy or
if it is buried beneath the garbage of commercialism and
celebrities has a great deal to do with you.

I am thankful for journalism. I am thankful for everything it
tries to do to help the world, but also for everything it has done
and will do for me.

It is a profession founded in honesty, it respects the
principle, upholds it, fights in its honor. That honesty is
something I can apply to my life and I hope I can do both
journalism and honesty justice.

I haven’t over the past year. I have done some things I am not
proud of. It is easy to get lost in the events that make up our
lives. Occasionally my idealism, and dreams of love and promise
make me not see things as they are and I make blind mistakes. When
that happens I not only hurt myself, but others as well and for
that I’m sorry.

But I hope to be better. I want to be good and just and make
decisions for the right reasons. In the end, maybe it is journalism
that can get me there. Maybe it can get us all there.

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