Parents Attempt to Balance Dual Roles

By Esperanza Juarez

Parenthood is the epitome of a full-time commitment because it
requires a person’s attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As
if this obligation weren’t enough, there are some parents who
choose to add “college student” to their list of

According to the latest findings from the U. S. Department of
Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, “about
one-fourth of undergraduates had one or more dependents (…) and
13 percent were single parents.”

“My husband helps me keep my sanity,” said Kristine Palisoc, a
fourth-year English education student. “When I am overwhelmed with
pages of reading, presentations and papers, he helps me with the
kids and the housework. Without him I would not be able to go to

The Cal Poly Children’s Center is an on-campus facility that
assists students with children. The center offers low-cost
childcare and early education to prepare children for

Two years ago, the center switched over from being a traditional
drop-off childcare facility to an actual preschool. To date it is
the only school in the city of Pomona that is accredited by the
National Association for the Education of Young Children.

“We see that these parents come in and they want to finish
school, but they have a big problem because they’re paying tuition
costs and [have to pay for childcare],” said Yvonne Bailey,
director of the Children’s Center. “They’re just struggling and you
can see they’re very stressed. We talk to them to see how they’re
doing in school and keep encouraging them.”

Some parents are looking for childcare for infants as well.

“There’s a big need for an infant program,” said Bailey. “We’ve
had a lot of parents calling us up requesting care for children
under [the age of] two. That’s something that we’re looking at in
the future [is] to provide that service.”

The NCES reports that 7 percent of undergraduates attending
4-year institutions are single parents, which means more
responsibility for those individuals.

Time and money are often two of the biggest problems for college
students in general, but especially for students with children, so
the assistance made available through college programs is often
sought after.

“My children [are what motivates me],” said Palisoc. “I went
back to school because I knew I wanted more for them. I want my
kids to understand that education is important, and that their
father and I were able to do it despite our already busy lives with

Despite the additional hurdles that face college students with
children, there are many who continue to pursue a higher education
and do succeed.

“Keep on going towards your goals and don’t let anyone stop you
from reaching your goals,” said Bailey. “Whatever it takes to
complete your education it will pay off in the long run.”

Esperanza Juarez can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (909) 869-37

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