It’s Good to be King, if Just For a While

By Daniel Tedford

I often wonder who would play me in the movie of my life
(working title: “This Would All Be More Interesting if I Had a
Girlfriend”). Would the studio choose Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play
me? Topher Grace? Chris Evans? Dwight from “The Office?”

When we think of choosing this type of person we want the
fantasy self: A person who personifies us, but a better version –
us, with the good humor, limited faults, and a better

This has been something of the experience I have been going
through in helping to choose the person who takes my job next

It is my successor of sorts (making me the king, not by choice,
it’s the analogies fault, but for the sake of the metaphor think of
me as King Leonidas) and a good successor is what everyone king

Except I am not ready to go and this experience has made me
realize that.

I had high aspirations coming into this job. I was not asked
back as the editor-in-chief of my high school paper after I held
the job as a junior, and coming into this position I felt I had
something to prove.

I came in pretty raw and I had a lot to learn. We struggled in
Fall quarter, everyone on the staff admits to that. But at the end
of the quarter we realized we needed to change, work harder and do
what it takes to make the paper better and I believe we did.

The layout looks more professional, the copy is good, and we
have done some quality stories over the course of the Winter and
Spring quarters.

The paper is currently transitioning into a new era. We are
starting to make money, our technology is becoming more advanced,
we are bettering our ability to communicate between departments on
staff, and the writing quality is going to improve.

I am honored to say that I have been a part of the progression
of this publication.

Yet I am sad because I want to be here when it takes it to the
next level and the one after that.

I felt like a rookie in Fall, got comfortable in Winter, and now
in Spring I feel like I could really do some great things but my
time is up, my tenure is over, the dynasty ends here (my eyes just
got watery… and I just lost two man points).

I can’t even remember what Cal Poly was like my first year here.
Since I started as editor-in-chief at the Post, it has been my
life. I went as far as to call the paper “my baby” at our first
weekly meeting with the staff – boy, was that a mistake as I shall
never outlive that comment.

But I have to let go. It is time to say goodbye… (na na na na,
hey, hey, hey).

I am positive whoever takes my job will do an excellent job and
will continue to improve on what I believe is a solid

Plus, there is always a bright side – four more issues and I get
my weekends back, which is good because I think my parents and some
of my friends forgot what I look like.

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