Honors Students are Bewitched

By Danielle Mohlman

The Honors College students have a reputation for studying,
studying and yes, more studying. However, these students do more
than receive good grades.

The students of the Jeanne and Keith Kellogg Honors College took
a trip to Los Angeles to see the musical “Wicked” on Wednesday.
This event was planned to unify the students of the college.

This trip to see “Wicked” is not the first time the Honors
College has organized an event of this kind.

Besides offering honors-level courses, the Honors College
organizes a number of cultural events such as trips to the theatre
or symphony, social events such as camping trips, and community
service events such as beach clean-ups.

Because of the popularity of the event, the Honors College
arranged to distribute the tickets one morning at the college’s
office. Honors students stood in line for the tickets, some
arriving at Cal Poly Pomona as early as 6:30 a.m. According to the
students, it was well worth the sacrifice.

“Wicked” is a musical about the witches in the movie “The Wizard
of Oz” who are Glinda the Good and the Wicked Witch of the

“I thought it was fabulous,” said Dorothy Fleck, associate
director of the Honors College. “The production itself was
outstanding and the Pantages Theatre is lovely.”

Fleck enjoyed the dancing, costumes, lighting and stagecraft
because it brought the story to life. She also enjoyed the
experience of going to the theatre with the honors students.

“I was pleased with our group and had a wonderful time with our
students,” Fleck said.

The students enjoyed the event as well.

“I forget how much fun these honors people really are until we
go see things like this,” said Robert Redd, a second-year English
literature student.

Redd also cited the bus ride as an enjoyable part of the trip
because he was able to talk with his fellow honors students.

“The bus ride wasn’t as colorful as the play, but it was very
much a part of the whole ‘Wicked’ experience,” said Redd.

Some students expressed that they enjoyed the show more than
they expected to. Bryan Mills, a fourth-year computer science
student said that he liked the show even though he usually does not
like musicals.

“I came because I heard that it was a good show,” said Mills.
“Any chance to get out and see a good show with good friends is not
to be missed.”

Other students said that they enjoyed the event because it was
informal and allowed the honors students to come together for one
night without worrying about grades.

“Most of the time I only see these people in an academic
setting,” said Bryan Nakawaki, a third-year English student. “It
was a lot of fun to kick back and have fun with my honors

For some of the students, it was the first time they had ever
seen a professional show.

“I’ve never been to a professional production before,” said Greg
Mauleon, first-year finance, real estate and law student. “I was
very pleased. I really enjoyed myself.”

It is events such as this that allow the Honors College to stay
united despite its various fields of study.

The Honors Program was established in fall of 2003. In fall of
2007, the program officially became a college when Jeanne Kellogg
donated an endowment to the program.

This money was the trigger to become a permanent program at Cal
Poly Pomona, according to Fleck.

“Wicked” is playing at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles and
will continue to play there until tickets stop selling.

Danielle Mohlman can be reached by e-mail at
arts@thepolypost.com or by phone (909) 869-3744.

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