Site has Music for All

By Esperanza Juarez

Music has often been referred to as a universal language. While
most people are casual listeners there are others who consider
themselves music buffs and with this self- proclaimed title comes
an insistent need to keep up with the latest news in the music
industry. caters to these people.

Claiming to be “the most comprehensive music news community on
the Internet,” the Web site launched more than a month ago and
averages about 500 news posts per week. The premise of the site is
to comprise as much music news in one spot courtesy of a small
group of staffers who search far and wide for the latest happenings
in music.

“Shoutmouth was born out of an insatiable love of news and a
passion for music,” said Andrew Bordeaux, marketing manager for “With the Internet, the way we interact with our
favorite artists is vastly different from even 10 years ago. We’ve
streamlined the news you want about the artists you love.”

Traditionally, a person looking for music news would have to
turn to specialty music magazines or Web sites that in large part
focus on one specific genre, which works just fine for those who
enjoy one type of music.

With sub-categories ranging from “Country News” to “Rap News”
and almost everything in between, it is evident that the founders
of had individuals with a diverse taste in music in
mind when creating their site. The end result is a Web site that is
a time saver and is like one-stop shopping for music lovers.

“A unique, refreshing aspect of Shoutmouth is that our writers
have diverse musical interests,” said Bordeaux. “Often times in the
world of music journalism, you will encounter provincial Web sites
or magazines that take comically uninformed stances regarding
anything that falls outside their narrow band of listening
pleasure. Our writers bring an expertise to the artists they cover,
and an open ear to what else is going on in the industry.”

The site’s formula amounts to Shoutmouth staffers seeking out
news and bringing it to the site’s community while throwing in some
extra commentary.

“I thought it was pretty interesting,” said Jaimee Lafleur, a
fifth-year animal science student. “I like reading [the commentary]
more than just a news story; it’s more entertaining to read.”

The site is like a virtual water cooler where music lovers can
gather around and discuss the latest news in music.

Already in its first month of operation the site’s membership
has doubled.

At the moment you can only interact with others and comment on
posted articles by being a Shoutmouth member. In order to
adequately manage the technical aspect of the site, the founders of
Shoutmouth decided to grant membership on an invitation-only

For now non-members can still access every ounce of news and
they can also sign up on the site’s waitlist to be informed of the
public launch.

“We plan to constantly adjust to the needs and wants of our
users,” said Bordeaux. “Our members have already been very vocal
about what they would like to see on the site, by suggesting
artists and features. I hope that trend continues, as we listen
very closely.”

Esperanza Juarez can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at (909) 869-3744.

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