Dreams Come to Life

By Ashley Schofield

Dreamland. It’s the magical place we float off to every night
where we can shut our eyes and float away from any
responsibilities. It is as if a magic carpet swoops us off our feet
and allows the unrealistic to become realistic. Ann Oliver
encapsulates this idea of dream travels in her children’s book,
“Magic’s Carpet,” a story about a little girl named Katie and her
kitten, Magic, whose dreams come true.

The Bronco Bookstore hosted this literature in a book signing
Thursday. Right as you entered the store a table stacked with the
bright children’s novels and plush kitten animals on bright red
carpets (free with purchase) caught the eye’s attention, as people
were hustling and bustling to get their books signed.

Jessica Schaeffler, the artist of the book, was aglow as she
promoted her publication. Schaeffler is a second-year art student
at Cal Poly Pomona and a student who embodies true passion for what
she does.

“Jessica has an amazing talent by bringing these characters to
life. I came down for the book signing and her latest horse show,
as Jessica is a Reserve National Champion,” said her mother, Diane

Schaeffler was also named “most outstanding artist” in high
school and has been working on the book since her senior year.

A northern California native, the inspiration for Jessica to
transform this magical story into visual artwork began with
Oliver’s dream to spread the local hometown tale of Carmel to the
world before she died. Parkinson’s disease pushed Oliver into
finally writing the book about her number one love – cats – after
having to stop her other activities, which included politics,
modeling and tennis.

“I took the story, discussed what the author wanted page by
page, and let that guide me into transforming what the characters
would look like and the colors I would use,” said Schaeffler.

The outcome truly keeps the reader in awe. Each page is filled
with bright, vivid colors matched with the exciting adventures of a
faithful little girl whose dreams come true when a kitten appears
out of nowhere, bringing her a lifelong companion. Katie makes
Magic a carpet, which turns out to be a magic carpet that swifts
the cat into a whimsical world of fantasy.

The storyline, although simple, is a clean, refreshing tale that
reminds the reader to be carefree and is adequate for a young
target market. The artwork accurately fits the image the words
depict, making it easy to keep reading straight through to the

The novel’s mystifying effect was evident at a book reading at
the Children’s Center proceeding the event at the Bookstore. The
kids sat enchanted with their little kitten toys, as Jessica’s
voice brought her artwork to life, bringing a sparkle to the
audience’s eyes.

Many parents had already rushed to purchase the book for their
children so they could have it before Schaeffler came to read

A percentage of book sales are donated to the Parkinson’s
Institute and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
of Monterey County.

“I was nervous driving over here because I thought no one would
come, but a lot of people are buying which is encouraging because
not only is it for the kids, but it benefits a worthy donation,”
said Schaeffler, who encouraged people to buy and donate the book
to charity if they had no one else to give it to.

“Magic’s Carpet” rightly deserves recognition because it
encourages young people to believe in their dreams, and it embodies
the spirit of giving back to the community.

The book can be bought online at www.magicscarpet.com, along
with more information about the origins of the tale.

Ashley Schofield can be reached by e-mail at
arts@thepolypost.com or by phone at (909) 869-3744.

Dreams Come to Life

Dreams Come to Life

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