HGTV Seeks Peculiar Rooms

By Emily Breeland

Many college freshmen that are free from the tyrannical grip of
their parents are granted a blank canvas otherwise known as a dorm
room. This room, in which they’ll eat, sleep and party while
occasionally attending class, is their space, and many go above and
beyond to make it feel like their own.

If college students of any age have put effort and creativity
into making a room truly unique, Home & Garden Television is
looking for them. Known to its fans as HGTV, the channel is
scanning the nation for the craziest college dorm room decor.

“We’re not looking for messy rooms, littered with beer cans or
pizza boxes, but if you’ve made a sculpture from the pizza boxes
and beer cans, we’d be interested,” said Patti Taylor with LMNO

“We recently found a great example at MIT in Boston. They had
completely automated their room, so when you flicked a switch,
everything turned on,” said Taylor.

“In another room, a disco ball came down and the room turned
into a dance floor.”

While freshman Michelle Wong hasn’t seen anything out of the
ordinary in Alamitos Hall at Cal Poly, she’d bet on a girl’s dorm
room being the most creative of the sexes.

“Girls have pictures everywhere, and boxes full of stuff,” said
Wong. “With boys, it’s different. There’s a desk, a computer, and
an X-Box. In general, there’s not a lot of color, not a lot going
on,” said Wong.

Although Wong and her roommate aren’t allowed to paint their
walls, they’ve been as crafty as possible.

“We have color everywhere in our room,” said Wong. “My
roommate’s desk area has pictures lining each surface. We even
bought and decorated hooks for our keys.”

Ray Glez, a sophomore at Cal Poly, notices a trend among dorm
rooms occupied by males.

“A typical college dorm room in my hall is just messy, clothes
everywhere,” said Glez. “Guys will put pictures of chicks with
barely any clothes on and anime up all over their walls. But I
haven’t seen anything too crazy.”

Stephen Fleisher, associate director of University Housing
Services at Cal Poly, said most students do not completely
transform their space but the rooms always seem to reflect the
people that live in them.

“I think a lot of people bring their personalities into their
room, which is great,” said Fleisher.

Not only at Cal Poly are college students getting creative.
According to The Review, The University of Delaware’s independent
student newspaper, juniors Matt Roland and Avi Amon created a
jungle in their space.

Filled with plants, bamboo ladders and a fish tank, the duo’s
dorm room also includes a structure called “The Imperial Palace of
Intellectual Advancement,” which houses surfboards and other
personal items.

“We’re just looking for something completely done up,” said
Taylor. “We’ll start shooting as soon as we find anything. Time is
of the essence.”

Students interested in submitting their crazy dorm rooms can
contact Patti Taylor with LMNO Productions by e-mail at:

Emily Breeland can be reached by e-mail at
or by phone at (909) 869-3744.

HGTV Seeks Peculiar Rooms

HGTV Seeks Peculiar Rooms

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