Students Follow the CFA’s Lead

By Daniel Tedford

I am not sure why, but there seems to be strike fever throughout
the CSU system.

The CFA is near to voting on the dates of its strike and now
students are even considering a strike to represent their own
cause, constructed by an organized group that represents the
students in the system.

If I am not mistaken, I did ask for this very thing in my “Now
is the time to strike” column and then just a few weeks after I
called for this, there is a student group (CSU Students for Quality
Education) representing student ideas. In addition, ASI is also
going to vote on whether or not to back the CFA, which was the very
action I was trying to evoke.

Coincidence? I think not. This was me. I caused this. I made an
impact on the world.

I win.

In reality, most of this was probably already in the works,
especially the student strike, but I came around at the right time.
Unfortunately, despite my impact or not, this isn’t exactly what I

I can understand students’ qualms with the CSU based on the
problems floating throughout the system. But a strike? The CFA
already called dibs on that; let’s not ride its coat tails.
Besides, if students really want to hit the CSU hard and truly
attack the very essence of the problems, the students can’t merely
strike, but they have to strike at something – preferably the

If one has a great cause and wants to create great change, one
has to take great action. With the spring quarter almost upon us,
why not have students protest by attending class, completing their
homework, engaging in educational discourse and have them
deliberately not pay their fees. If this battle is about
pocketbooks, then why not go straight for the leather?

Because this is too scary, isn’t it? Students would get dropped
from classes, financial aid comes into play, and many students
would flake out.

A strike is much easier to produce and accomplish, but for that
very reason it is also a weak form of protest for a student
population. It’s apathetic in essence. Most students would just use
a strike as an excuse to ditch class, something most don’t normally
need to be absent.

And if the case is that many of the student body are not willing
to go to great lengths for a cause in their name, maybe it isn’t
the action that is wrong, but maybe the cause isn’t truly

Besides, the CSU is already one of the cheapest institutions to
receive an education from in the first place. That isn’t to say
that some of the money being spent isn’t done so inappropriately or
inefficiently, but a fight in the name of students seems more like
a baseless whine rather than an inspiring call for change.

Instead let’s keep the focus on areas that are truly in need of
change – the faculty’s contract. They have reason to complain.
Instead of using them to help champion students’ own fight they
should throw their support behind the CFA, not next to or in front

Students Follow the CFA

Students Follow the CFA’s Lead

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