Positions Pose Danger in Yoga

By Joyce Yau

Although yoga is a very exciting regimen to practice, it can
also be dangerous if done incorrectly. Although the chances of
getting injured are not high, the possibility exists.

“I have seen it happen once and it was with my mom,” said Kayla
Barsugli, a fourth-year English education student. “It was the
head-to-knee pose because she took the pose too far.”

People get injured when they become too competitive. For
example, when friends join a class together, they may feel a little
more pressure to do every pose at their maximum capabilities.

It encompasses many different positions that help stretch out
the elasticity of tendons, which hold joints together.

It is also not a good idea to try yoga the first time through
DVD/videotape exercises because it is important to get instructions
and responses from a reputable instructor.

It is also possible for people who are not naturally flexible to
do yoga. People who are not flexible are the ones who benefit the
most, and there are modifications that can be made for

“Nobody has gotten injured in my classes because my classes are
real gentle,” said Alane Daugherty, kinesiology professor and yoga
instructor. “I also make sure that they do warm-up exercises prior
to the class.”

As with most athletic activities warming up before you start is
always a good idea to prevent muscle strain or tears. Start off
with short arcs minor stretches in which one lies on their back,
brings their knee up and hold it close to their chest for a count
of ten.

Repeat on the other knee. After you have warmed yourself up with
the smaller stretches, you can then move onto more immense
stretches with a greater range.

“My body wasn’t used to all the twists and turns, so I got
sore,” said Olga Johnson, a Cal Poly staff member who regularly
practices yoga. “If you are a beginner, take a beginner’s class.
That may be better than trying to skip it, and learn new things
when you have surpassed the base class. People with carpal tunnel
syndrome should not do poses where the flattened palm needs to
support the rest of the body. Do not continue the positions if it
is painful for you.”

Yoga has been an increasingly popular activity in the United
States since the 1990s.

Before it was introduced in the U.S., it was both a spiritual
and physiological mastery in India. Derived from the connection to
Hinduism, people do not often do yoga for religious purposes but
for the feelings of peace it may generate.

Yoga has the ability to increase one’s spiritual awareness; it
has certainly begun to take over as a mainstream activity that
exercises the mind, body and soul.

Joyce Yau can be reached by e-mail at arts@thepolypost.com or by
phone at (909) 869-3744.

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