Students Question Structure’s Practicality

By Yalda Sadiq

Students are divided over the practicality of the new parking
structure’s location in parking Lot F. Some students are excited by
the prospect of a new selection of parking possibilities while
others just want the structure to take attention off of their
favorite lots.

“If it was far, but quick I would do it. I do K or F by the
horses, that’s why I don’t mind it,” said Christina Schroeder, a
third-year business student.

Some students plan to avoid the parking structure because it
could become crowded quickly because of its proximity to
administration buildings and the dorms.

“I would park somewhere else since everybody else will be parked
in the structure,” said Evelyn Davila, a first-year mechanical
engineering student.

The inconsistency of the shuttle system poses another possible
problem for commuting students.

“It’s too far away, it’s not commutable because the shuttles
don’t run efficiently,” said Jen Narevsky, a fourth-year public
relations student.

According to Ray Morrison, director of Facilities Planning,
Design and Construction, the parking lots on campus are purposely
located along the freeways around campus,

“It’s so that you drive, park quickly and then take a bus,” said

The new parking structure is part of the school’s Master Plan to
respond to the growth of the community and student enrollment.

“It should accommodate students for the next 3-5 years,” said

The project is set to be finished quickly with the school
officials meeting with contractors everyday to ensure a speedy
completion date.

“There are just a few items the contractor wants to finish,”
said Morrison.

The Master Plan includes three parking structures and more
academic buildings such as the project of constructing a new
business administration building, which is set to open
approximately 2010.

The new business building will be built where the horticultural
unit is now, and the unit will be relocated to Agriscapes.

Morrison believes that there will be more academic buildings
built around the parking structure so it won’t seem too far

“I am sure the parking structure would alleviate walking to
class 20 minutes from B lot. I can appreciate something closer
since the buses aren’t exactly reliable,” said Jennifer Lutnick, a
first-year student who is undeclared.

The campus Master Plan was drafted in the 1999/2000 school year
through workshops and conferences that sought input from faculty,
staff and students.

Some of the participants included the president of the campus at
the time, Bob Suzuki, deans of several colleges, professors,
student affairs, facilities and management department, and

“Students are the ones who use the structure and through their
fees, they have a big say in what goes on,” said Morrison.

Some students have their favorite parking lots and most likely
will not use the parking structure.

“All my classes are in Building 1. It’s not practical for me. I
park in Lot J,” said Dara Spadier, a fourth-year public relations

Other students have a preferred parking spot.

“I am used to my parking spot,” said Yasmina Arambullo, a first
year political science student.

The school determines the location of the parking structure by
an independent traffic consultant and the Master Plan.

“We don’t want to use spaces that are for agricultural use and
sports,” said Morrison.

Yalda Sadiq can be reached by e-mail at or
by phone at (909) 869-3747.

Students Question Structure

Students Question Structure’s Practicality

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